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Sunday, February 25, 2007

101 Random Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. I'm a little OCD about a clean house. I always feel everything has to look perfect and not "lived in" in our home and if one thing is out of place, even an inch, I freak out and fix it.

2. I have a pet peeve about things hung on the wall. If it's the least bit crooked, it bugs me and I have to fix it. Saying that, I can't walk into our bedroom and look up on the wall without cringing, since Dan hung one of our pictures slightly crooked and it's too late to fix it, so we just left it and it really bugs me!

3. I'm picky about really stOOpid things. Things that shouldn't matter, but to me they do. Like for instance the cutlery in the drawer....if they're not all lined up together nicely I have to fix it. I know I'm so OCD!

4. I'm a bargain shopper. I don't pay sucker prices. I rarely ever buy anything unless I get a deal on it. That includes clothes, groceries, items for the house etc... I love to shop, and almost everything we own we got on sale, for dirt cheap, or on clearance. I could teach anyone how to bargain shop or decorate on a dime.

5. I want a large family. I'd be happy with at least 2 children, but an ideal family size would be more like 6-8. I'd even go as high as 12, It just all depends on how much we can handle. But we plan on adding to our family through adopting older children or sibling groups and that can add up fast.

6. We're in the process of adopting. We've been trying to get pregnant for almost 3 years and it's just not happening, so we're not waiting and adopting first. Although it's still a long process, so it might not be for a while.

7. I plan on home schooling our children. It's something I've always wanted to do, and at one point I actually wanted to become a teacher in a school (but it was too much schooling), so it will give me that opportunity. Dan was home schooled and it worked great for him. I guess it will depend on the circumstances, but that's the plan so far and I want to stick to it.

8. When I was a kid I had three career choices that I wanted to be: Hairstylist, Photographer, and a Kindergarten Teacher (needless to say I already fulfilled one of them)

9. I'm working on my photography skills. I've read many books, studied styles, but ultimately it's a talent that you either have or you don't and hopefully I've got it. My favorite is taking candids or portraits of children.

10. When I was a kid I wanted to be an actor or a singer. I dreamed of kissing Kirk Cameron on Growing Pains.

11. I still love to act. My first play was when I was in the 3rd grade and I was the "narrator" of the school play. I've been in a dozen other plays since, but my favorite is making my own movies and acting in them. That's when I've been the most creative.

12. I love writing scripts. When I was in 7th grade I used to play "court" with my friends at lunch and I'd write scripts of what each person said and stuff. Later on in life I would script skits and movies with my high school classmates and
later on with my YSA (Young Single Adult) friends and make movies for our church activity, "Academy Awards".

13. I love making movies. If I owned a video camera I would be making them right now. Of course they're not serious films. It's all about the sillier the better.

14. I love to sing. Although I'm still pretty shy about it. I'm not the type to just randomly start belting out a tune out loud. I'm pretty reserved. I don't even sing around Dan. It makes him kind of mad, but I can't. I'm too embarassed. I only
sing at Karaoke, at church, in choirs, or if I'm asked to perform casually or professionally. It's not that I won't share my talent, it's that I'm more reserved about it....if that makes sense.

15. My favorite singer to impersonate or copy is Aretha Franklin. It's only been in the last 6 or 7 years or so that I've been singing her songs, but she's by far my favorite, cause I just love to belt out tunes. I think my voice sounds the best when it's at its loudest....if that makes sense.

16. I used to babysit a girl named Aretha. Named after, of course, Aretha Franklin.

17. When I was in 5th-7th grade I, along with 3 other of my friends, used to assist the Kindergarten teacher a couple of days a week in class and everday at recess we'd supervise and play with the Kindergarteners. We totally used it as a way to get out of class, but then again we totally enjoyed helping out.

18. In those same grade school years (5th-7th) I also helped out in the office during lunch hour answering phones and stuff and also in the library, checking in/out books and cataloguing them. I was a total geek. But then again that was cool back then. Or so I thought.

19. When I was younger I thought you could get pregnant by kissing someone. In 7th grade my friend's and I found a book in the school library that explained how "babies were made". It explained that a mom and dad would lie in bed and kiss and then they would get pregnant. So after that I thought you could get pregnant by kissing someone in bed. I think I was about 14 or 15 when I learned the truth, but even still, I didn't quite get it till I was about 16. I know, I was naive! It was more like, I had a mom and dad who never explained it to me.

20. My first kiss was a "couples" dare. A few of us were on a group date and we all dared each other to see who could kiss the longest. Me and my date won, after 5 minutes....(I didn't get pregnant)

21. I was my husband's first kiss.

22. He was my lucky 13th!

23. When I was 16 we were playing some truth or dare game with my group of guy/girl friends and all the guys were asked a question: "If you had to choose one of the girls here to marry, who would you choose?". My "first kiss" chose me. I thought one day I would marry him.

24. I fell in love with my husband BEFORE I met him in person and only after a couple of days of chatting with him online I knew I was going to marry him.

25. There are 3 repeated names in my immediate family and only one was on purpose. There's: Daniel-my husband & Daniel-my step-brother....oh ya and my older brother's middle name is Daniel, Steven-my brother & Stephen-my step-brother, and the one that was purposely named after Thomas-my step-dad & Thomas-my nephew (my step-sister's son)

26. My parents had two names picked for a boy and a girl, before they even got pregnant: Nelson Daniel and Susan Ivonne. After Nelson came along, they were totally prepared for a name when I came into the picture.

27. Dan and I already have our first boy/girl names picked out. Jackson (boy) & Carter (girl)

28. Dan and I are HUGE Stargate SG-1 fans. (Those of you who got that from the boy/girl names gets extra bonus points!)

29. I had a secret crush on McGyver when I was little.

30. When I was about 6 or 7 my brothers and I had a club called the "Monkees club" and my dad built us a clubhouse and everything. My older brother Nelson was Mike, my younger brother Steven was Peter and I was Mickey cause I had a secret crush on him too. No one wanted to be Davie, cause he was too much of a fairy.

31. I was a "bit" of a tomboy. I liked playing cars, wrestling, cops and robbers, etc... with my brothers and cousin, yet I'd always be wearing a skirt.

32. Two words that changed my life forever: STAR WARS

33. 5 movies I've watched with Steven so many times we could quote it word for word: "STAR WARS: A New Hope", "The Empire Strikes Back", "Return of the Jedi", "Rad" & "Bloodsport".

34. I love my brother Steven. He is absolutely one of my favorite people of all time. He's the only person that could make me laugh so hard I could pee my pants and the only one who gets my stOOpid wacko sense of humor. (Even Dan doesn't get it sometimes)

35. I have 4 long lost twins in my life: Nicky Burke, April Mangham, Sarah Thompson-Thatcher, and Tricia Price

36. Sarah Thompson-Thatcher fills the void of not having Nicky, April or Tricia near by.

37. Tricia Price is the one who inspired me to do this 101 random things about me.

38. My futon inspired Tricia and her now husband (Justin) to get "romantic". As all three of us laid there together watching a movie, (and while I fell asleep) they kissed for the first time.....and no they didn't get pregnant.

39. My biggest fear in life (like you Tricia) is that my husband will die young or first, like my dear Sarah lost her Kevin

40. I'm deathly afraid of Scorpions. I even have nightmares about them. Even though I've never seen one in real life.

41. My astrological sign is the Scorpion.

42. I have my astrological sign tattooed on my right ankle. (Not the Scorpion) I got it when I was 18.

43. In my "wild" days I had 10 piercings (8 in my ears, 1 in my nostril & 1 in my tongue), 3 tattoos, and ruby red hair. Needless to say, I still have all 3 tattoos

44. Those "wild days" all happend before I was legally supposed to enjoy them. I quit smoking & drinking just after I turned 19. (In Canada that's the legal age)

45. The reason I quit my "wild" days was to devote myself to my LDS faith.

46. I was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, on December 1st when I was 8 years old.

47. In the church we hold voluntary positions of leadership/aid and since coming back to church when I was 19 I've had 10 different "callings" (that's what they're called)

48. I currently hold 3 of those 10. I'm the music chorister, an Activity Days leader and I'm on the Enrichment Committee (we have a small ward)

49. I was married in the Seattle, WA, LDS temple not just "till death do us part" but for ETERNITY!

50. I never in a million years thought I'd end up living in the Seattle area.

51. I love living in Redmond WA.

52. I LOVE our apartment, complex and community that we live in.

53. I love my in-laws. I was a little scared at first, cause Dan said that they were a little strange, but he was way off. They're totally strange....but that's what I love about them, they're strange like me!

54. I forgot about my other twin named Deena. Although she's more like a package deal with her husband David-my husband's brother. We're twinners as a couple. Dan is just like David and I'm like Deena. Even when Dan was single he said he wanted to find someone just like Deena and he did! When we all get together we have an absolute blast!

55. I do my best clothing shopping with Deena. Not only do I find things that look the best on me, cause she's brutally honest (sausage arms!) but I spend more money when I'm with her! (whilst getting good deals of course)

56. I totally regret my wedding dress. Not only did I spend a fortune on it getting it specially designed and made, but it didn't end up looking how I wanted it.

57. A year before I met Dan, I pretended to be engaged and Tricia and I went wedding dress shopping and I found my perfect dress. For punishment I guess, I could never find the dress for when I was really getting married. For even more torture and punishment I found the dress online 6 months AFTER I was married. Lesson to be learned: don't go wedding dress shopping unless you're REALLY getting married.

58. Another "serves you right" is when I was little I used to wear my friend's glasses, cause I always wanted some and then years later I had to get my own and I hated wearing them. Still do.

59. In 7 days I'm getting LASIC eye surgery. Won't have to wear glasses no more!

60. I used to collect keychians. I still have them in a box somewhere. I had almost 100 of them.

61. I'm a recipe junkie. I collect recipes and hardly ever cook anything new. But....

62. I love to cook & bake. I think I'm pretty good. I ain't fancy by any means, but Dan's happy with what I make for him and that's what counts.

63. When I was a teenager, my friend Kirstine and I would pretend to have a cooking show and we'd make believe there was a camera in front of us and we'd explain cooking techniques and whatever we were making. We were total dorks.

64. I love TV. That's why we don't have cable. I was addicted. We can't even plug in our TV into the wall for those 2 or 3 channels you get, cause I'd most likely sit there all day and surf those channels. That's why we rent TV series, to monitor our watching.

65. I love watching movies. All kinds too. My absolute favs are those film festival ones that never make it to the major theaters, or foreign films. I do love the old classics and musicals as well.

66. Ever since becoming a hairstylist I can't help but look at everyone's hair, study it and figure out how it was cut or styled in the way that it was. Or if it was badly cut or styled, secretly make fun of it.

67. Whilst going to beauty school, I would dream almost every night about cutting hair. I think it may have died down to just once a week, a year later.

68. I still have a recurring dream/nightmare at least once a month about still working at the salon that I worked at for 9 years.

69. I secretly love my curly hair. Although I may say that I hate it.... & most days I really do, I do love the freedom of being able to just shake it and go. Though I hate it when people assume it's a perm. Yuck!

70. Life would be so much easier on my hair if I was born a natural blond.

71. I wish I was born with blue eyes like my brothers. Hazel is too boring!

72. When I used to dream of the perfect man, he had dark hair and light eyes. Now he has blond hair, but at least he got the eyes right.

73. I have no desire to have all of the fancy electronic gadgets that people have. We only JUST got a cell phone since our car is so unreliable. I'm happy wth my computer and that's about it.

74. I still drive the same car I've been driving since 1998. Our car is almost 12 years old. It's paid for. It runs. Why have a car payment and higher insurance for something that's not necessary?

75. My car has a name. It's Caroline. She's named after Caroline from the short lived TV show, "Caroline in the City".

76. I "stole" a dog once. When we lived in the outskirts of Langley as a young child, we'd get stray cats and dogs all the time that would come and live with us. One day I was playing outside and the cutest little white fluffy dog came up to play with me. I could hear people across the way in the park across the street where we lived yelling for something. I was hoping that it wasn't their dog and so I didn't say anything to them, even though inside I KNEW it was their dog they were looking for. They drove away and I kept the dog. I feel horrible to this day.

77. I used to like cats better than dogs.

78. I once owned a cat that I named Garfield (cause it looked like him), until we found out that it was a girl when it got pregnant, so then I changed the name to Garfield-a.

79. I'm the daughter of a Magician

80. I always had the coolest birthday parties growing up.....Actually I still do.

81. I love making friends. New ones and rekindling old ones. Dan kinda makes fun of me, cause I can make friends with the person ringing up my groceries. I just love people and hopefully people love me!

82. I'm a very loyal friend. That's part of my problem. I have a lot of friends and aquaintances. It's a problem cause it's hard to keep up with everyone and sometimes people get hurt by it. But really everyone is special to me in their own way and just because I may not talk to you in a while, it doesn't mean I don't care.

83. OZOMATLI brought me and a friend back together again. My dear high school friend, Ana Delgado, was sorta lost to me for the longest time, until one day when I went to an OZO concert in Vancouver and she saw me there. Thanks to that we've rekindled our great, fun friendship and the non-stop laughter that it brings to us. STUPID LEMONS!

84. I fell in love with ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) back in the 80's when I first watched "Xanadu" with my mom. I loved the music of the film and only recently have I discovered most of their other music. It's the only music that no matter how many times I listen to it, it gives me goose bumps.

85. Good Music gives me goose bumps. The only other person in my life to have the same "gene" of "musicthatgivesyougoosebumpsitis" is my twinner Sarah. Although the only other people in my life to appreciate good music, as in the music that is absolutely unique in a way that it just brings you to tears or hits you in the right spot....well the only people who would understand what I'm even talking about are the people I'm talking about and that's Carrie (Leavitt) McDearmid and April Mangham.

86. I once sung back up for a Country/Classic Rock band called, "Urban Posse". Oh yeah, they were cool. I only performed with them twice and then I quit, cause it wasn't a good atmosphere; playing in bars and crap like that, but really it was cause the lead singer kinda sucked and I was really jealous that I was only singing backup.

87. One day I want to be a Karaoke DJ. Actually Dan and I dream of opening a restaurant/mini-golf/Karaoke place.

88. One day in 5th grade the "new boy" told me that he liked me and so I punched him in the gut and knocked the wind out of him and so I did what any compassionate little girl would do and walked away.

89. I've got a bit of a temper. Usually I take it out on stOOpid drivers by calling their stupidity out loud, but unfortunately Dan gets a bit of it every once in a while.

90. I'm of Uruguayan and Italian descent. Hence the temperment.

91. I was almost born in the USA. When my parents were immigrating from Uruguay they almost came to live in Washington state, but then at the last minute my dad got a job in Canada at Fletcher's Meats and so they ended up there. But I ended up here anyways!

92. I was almost named Susanna. But my mom figured it was too much of a Spanish name so they went with Susan instead.

93. My step-dad Tom gave me the nickname Suze. It's stuck ever since.

94. We're going to honor Tom by giving our first son, his last name as a middle name.

95. Ever since I was a teenager I wanted to name a boy/girl, Linden/Lynden after Trevor Linden, my favorite hockey player. Dan deosn't like it and won't budge on it at all. My dreams have been shot.

96. I used to be a hockey nut. I used to watch every game. I knew every player. But then one day I just didn't care anymore. I still don't really. But I'll still root for the Vancouver Canucks if they're in the play offs. Go Linden!

97. I'm a fanatic about a guy named Dan Price. Sometimes I may be a little prideful when it comes to him, cause he's just so great and smart and funny and cute and blah, blah, blah.....but I can't help that he's just so awesome!

98. I'm not a very "book smart" person, but I'm full of useless information. Random things like music trivia or things that I can't even think of right now, but believe me, my brain is jam packed with it.

99. I don't "love" to read, but I do love to read books by one LDS author and her name is Rachel Ann Nunes (pronounced Noon-esh). I've read almost all of her books and most of the time I can't put them down and I read them within the day I get them.

100. I have too much spare time on my hands. Dan's given me this time as a vacation and to prepare for when we do have kids and so it's been really nice that I don't need to work. But I do have time to spare and that leads to addictions like MSN Messenger, My Space, and writing blogs or filling out stOOpid surveys on My Space or doing things like this. But I would trade it all in a second for motherhood....although I won't have to completely give it up and that's the great thing about it!

101. Last, but not least, just like Tricia, I am HAPPY. I am joyful. The only thing that could make my life even better is to have children in our home. but other than that, I am the happiest girl alive!

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