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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Of Course Things Never Go As Planned...

So the day I wrote that last blog, was the day that Dan and I got sick. Dan got the worst of it, which is rare, (I usually get sick more often than he does), but nevertheless we're sickies. Anyways we had Jacki & Terence over for dinner and had a great old time as usual and pretty much passed right out the minute they left. The next day Dan felt like total crap and I was SO glad to wake up to a message left on our voicemail from Tricia, saying they weren't coming down cause SHE was sick! We were about to tell them that it might not be a great idea if they stay with us and thank goodness she saved us from that embarassement. Even though she felt horrible telling us that she couldn't come up. Poor Tricia.

Anyways all day I was really hoping that Dan would feel better, cause I wanted the party to still go on. I know I'm greedy and I sound like I was only thinking of myself, but I assure you that I was thinking of Dan and trying to make this weekend special. You see, when I told you that I blabbed about Justin and Tricia coming down for his birthday, I was also keeping secret the fact that Lee and Amanda were coming down and also that the "Newlyweds" Monica and Nate were going to be there too. Also Sarah's husband Jim was supposed to be outta town, but they cancelled his business trip and so he was going to be at the party afterall. So you see, the party HAD to go on! There were too many surprises to be had.

By the end of the day I convinced Dan that we would see how he felt the next day, before we cancelled the festivities and I was really hoping that he would feel better the next day. Sicknesses usually don't last on Dan, you see. So when he woke up the next morning feeling just as crappy, if not crappier than the day before, I was really starting to worry, but I pushed for the party anyway. So at the last minute of the morning I started to bake and cook food for 5 hours straight, (since I couldn't do it the day before if we were gonna "see how he felt" before we had the party), and I totally wore myself out. Remember I still have a foot in a cast and standing on one foot supporting all my weight sure does cause a lot of pain. We had the party at Jim and Sarah's and Dan wasn't the least bit surprised that Lee and Amanda were there. Neither Monica and Nate. The only one he was shocked to see was Jim. Apparently I can't fool "the DAN". He's been spying on who I've been calling online at our phone provider's webstie (sneaky cheaky weasel) and he assumed whomever I talked to, was coming. What a WIZARD! (only Dan will know what that means) I'll never try and fool him again.

Well the point to my story is, although we had an absolute blast at the party and I'm so glad that we did it (and so was Dan) we both are worse off than we were yesterday! We shoulda known better and just rested. But it was worth it. I hope every one else had a great time.

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