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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know all the Canadians out there are like......but Thanksgiving was in October? Ya well I'm in America now and so since this one's the REAL Thanksgiving not just a carbon copy, I'm saying Happy Day now. Although now it's a few days over, so it's not Thanksgiving anymore, so all this Happy whatever is just a late bloomer. I know.....I'm so retarded. I'm tired. Forgive me.

Anyways we were elated because the Thatcher friends of ours, were supposed to go to Arizona for the holidays, even though Sarah is still very ill. The plan before they planned their trip was that we were going to spend Thanksgiving with them. Well when we found out they were going away (we were all sad even though they were happy to be going to a family reunion) we made plans to get together with other friends anyway. Well at the last minute the Thatcher's were unable to go away and although Sarah was very sad since all her family would be together for her parents anniversary and she would be missing everything, she & we were so excited that we actually got to spend Thanksgiving with them afterall! So we invited the friends that we were going to get together with over to the Thatcher's and had a wonderful dinner all together.

Sarah was a total trooper. She decorated the table so nicely and festive, (she made me so proud!) even though she was not feeling well. She was able to sit through all of dinner, but then she had to go lay down. But at least she was able to keep it down! But we had fun playing games without her after anyways. Oh ya and Sarah even was able to make the MOST DELICIOUS Pumpkin Pie I've ever tasted! And Genesha (our other friends) made a Pecan Pie (since her traditions from growing up in Texas couldn't be broken) and that was most delicious also.

*Side note:
You know what's weird? People here have never tasted a Butter Tart. I found out cause I thought that the Pecan Pie tasted a lot like a Butter Tart and they're all like, "What's that?"
I guess I'll have to make those for Christmas.

Anyways back to the story. Actually that's pretty much it. Festivities, Food & Fun. We've been back to their house for two days in a row now for left over lunches. My favorite! I love Thanksgiving cause it's the start of the season. We've got our Christmas tree half up. Now it's time to decorate the rest of the house. YAAAAAAY!!!! I love Christmas!!!

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