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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


So its aBOOT time that ma Nicka & family came down here to visit us. I was SOOOOO HAPPPY!!

It was great to see my favorite Kiddies again and they LOVE their Auntie Susan.

Finn: "Mom, Auntie Susan spoils us!"

Well let them think that, but I really don't. I just give them the love and treat them like I would my own.

Anyways we had a great weekend. Saturday we went to the Pacific Science Center, downtown Seattle. The kids had a blast. It was fun, but it's not really my thing.....well maybe 20 years ago! We did see an Imax movie, which I haven't seen in a long time. It was called "The Mysteries of Egypt"....and I'm still trying to find out what they are, cause it sure didn't say much in the film. But it was still cool. I was just really excited that we got to use our good old "Microsoft Prime Card" and get in to the PSC, including the Imax, for only 3 bucks! That's right folks, 3 whole dollars each got us in. It's usually like $10 and that's NOT including the Imax. I love MICROSOFT! We really do get a lot of perks. (For those of you who don't know what the "Prime Card" is, it's a card that employees get and we get super good discounts to A LOT of places, including restaurants that give us a "buy one meal, get the other free"-sorta deal. It's AWESOME!!!)

Anyways at the Science Center they did have a lot of cool things. I got to do a weather repot for King 5 news, and they had a Butterfly house that was full of beautiful butterflies that were so close to you. You even had to watch your step, cause they like to land on the ground. The girls really enjoyed that. I've never seen so many butterflies up close. It was pretty amazing.

Anyways that night the boys watched the kiddies, while Nicky and I went shopping. We had WAY too much fun doing that. I haven't laughed so hard in months! Good times.....good times. I do have to mention about the FUGLIEST thing we saw at Mervyn's though. They had these little girl purses, called "Doggie Bags" that were literally the ugliest stuffed animal dogs with straps and a zipper on it's back. They were doggy purses. They were the most hilarious things we've ever seen. Some of the dogs looked so real and I actually felt sorry for them. Well that was probably the middle of our laughing fit; shortly after the flatulence filled boys sock department, and before the hysterics at the girls big ol' sock bin......"10 bucks! Whatever! I'm not paying that"....*chucks socks back on the bin.....but...."Oops! fell in the garbage instead! And after that everything was hilarious to us. "If that cost $5, I'll buy it.......$30...pshya right!"


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