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Monday, November 27, 2006

To Snow Or Not To Snow. That IS The Question

So I know that most of you BC'ers have gotten a lot of snow lately and I'm so jealous. Oh it's snowing here like the whole day of not......but it's not the lucious snow that falls and falls and sticks to the ground and piles up so high you could jump from a second story window and land safely in it's cloudyness.......NO! What we get it some crappy stuff I call "Snow-Rain".

*Description of "Snow-Rain" by Susan Price:

If you've ever had at McDonald's (I'm not sure if they sell them in Canada) their "Dippin' Dots", well imagine a bazillion of those falling at the speed of rain outside. No I'm not talking about HAIL......I know what that is (I'm not stOOpid!) and this is not it. It seriously looks like a tinier version of Dippin' Dots pelting from the sky at 300 mph. .....maybe faster....I've never clocked how fast rain comes down, but that's how fast it was.

So anyways our grounds and roads are lightly dusted with this crappy stuff and it's no fun at all. So yes the jealousy is still running through my body. Go play in your snow Vancouverites! I hate you all!

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