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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Camping And My Trip To The ER

Okay so those two don’t really go together, but they happened in the same weekend. First of all we had a great time meeting our friends who were camping at Dash Point near Federal Way last Friday. Obviously because of my “fear of bugs” issue I don’t actually camp overnight, (refer to my blog dated July 18/05-My Weekend) but it was close enough to our house that Dan and I just drove down for the day. We didn’t do much except just hang out and ate good camp fire food. Alyssa made BBQ Chicken and Peach Cobbler in Dutch ovens. Pretty cool. I’ve never eaten that good camping, except at girl’s camp when we had Hobo dinners, where you cook a hamburger patty and some potatoes and veggies in a foil packet in the camp fire. Well not the fire necessarily but the hot stuff around it.

Anyways it was nice being outdoors, since I was cooped up in the house for so long, being sick n’ all.

Which brings me to the ER part. Well actually I was only home sick with a cold and other stuff for 2 weeks, but what came on suddenly Saturday night was definitely not the flu. I was having an “off” day Saturday and I could barely stand to do a bit of house work, so I spent most of the day reading on the couch. Well at about 7pm we decided to go to Safeway to get something for dinner and as I was walking around the store I started feeling way ”off” and was having strange abdominal pains all of a sudden. We went home and I thought maybe it was something I ate, but then I remembered that the last time I ate was at 2pm and so that couldn’t be it. So I laid on the couch sipping ginger ale and then decided maybe I was feeling that way cause I hadn’t eaten, so I got up to make a sand which and the pain got worse. I sat back down again, put a movie in and was eating my sand which when the pains started getting worse no matter what I was doing. The pain would peak (it was pretty much a constant dull ache above my navel area and all through the front of my abdomen) and I would get the chills. Actually the best way I could describe it was that it felt like I had food poisoning, (which I’ve had on a few occasions unfortunately), without all of the puking or diarrhea. Anyways since I’m such a poo and I don’t like going to doctors or to the emergency room and would rather live with the pain and whine about it than to do such a thing, Dan had to convince me to call the 24 hour nurse hotline (that Microsoft so lovingly provides for us) to see if the symptoms I was having needed to be treated right away. Well I should also mention that Microsoft just added a special feature to this 24 medical thing; to avoid people visiting the ER for non-life threatening things, they’ve now provided a 24 hour on-call Dr. that will make a house call. So I thought well that’s worth calling, just cause at the time the pain was so severe that I didn’t think I could drive. Plus I didn’t think anything was that wrong with me. So we called the nurse and after talking with her for about 5 minutes about the symptoms I was experiencing, I thought she would say, “Okay we’re dispatching the Dr. on-call to make a house visit.” But of course she didn’t say that. Instead she concluded that I should go to the ER for further examination. By this time my pain had gotten worse and there was no way I could drive myself to the ER and since we don’t carry auto insurance for Dan we had no other choice but to call for back up.


Our lovely friend Sarah, (who is just too good of a friend), dropped everything at 10:30pm to come to my aid. It was also a great blessing that her older son had just gotten home at that moment so that she could leave her sleeping kiddies lie, since Jim wasn’t home yet. Anyways this great friend of mine, my twinner, my kindred, my sister, stayed with us at the ER till about 3am and made the experience a whole lot better. I’ve never had so much fun in a hospital before. For those of you that know me well, know that I HATE emergency rooms. It’s right up there on my list of sleeping in a tent and spiders. Anyways they ran tests up the ying yang and even did ultrasound, which was SO uncomfortable. I thought I would pass out from all of the “big breaths” I had to hold for about 10 seconds, like, I swear 50 times she made me do it. Ask Dan, he was there. Anyways the doctor ruled out all of the “bad things” it could be like, gall stone, appendicitis, kidney stone or whatever, but it still left me with no answer. I felt like such an idiot too, cause about 2 hours after we’d been in the ER I started to feel better and so I felt dumb dragging my husband and my friend to the hospital, in the middle of the night, for nothing. “Well it’s better to be safe than sorry”, they were telling me. Ya ya, well it still doesn’t help the guilt I was feeling for it being nothing. Well actually it wasn’t nothing either. I went to follow up with my Dr. today and he said that it’s most likely Pancreatitis which he told me is as un-treatable with meds as a cracked rib. Great! Thanks for nothing! Now I’m on a crappy “bland diet” (no fried or fatty foods, meat, or spicy foods-which also includes tomatoes and onions-all the stuff that I love ) until I get my test results back on Tuesday. Oh joy! It’s like, what can I eat? For dinner tonight I had oatmeal...I mean c’mon, you gotta feel sorry for me right? Anyways I know the drama queen is seeping out right now, but I just had to vent. BTW the abdominal pains are still there but are mild compared to the severity of it on Saturday night. But I’ll keep you posted on what the results of the blood work is. Well I feel bad about complaining about all this when it’s nothing that’s life threatening or serious. I mean my poor friend Shannon has Polymorphous Low-Grade Adenocarcinoma, which is a type of Cancer in the mouth’s palate and she goes for another surgery soon and she might have to do radiation treatment. I don’t mean to make my little abdominal issue be bigger than it is, but it’s something to write about and it’s kept you entertained for 5 minutes, hasn’t it?

That’s what I though.

Anyways in other news, Dan’s pretty much at the start of the crazy time at work where he has to work pretty much all day (12 or more hours) and might even have to start working weekends. Um oh ya and did I mention that this isn’t even “crunch mode” yet? Crazy, eh? Ya so when he officially does go into crunch mode (which will be soon) his boss stated in an email to the team, that these 3 things will be good indications that he’s in that mode: 1. He’ll be at work 7 days a week, they’ll be ordering food for the team, since they won’t be able to come home to eat (which Dan luckily gets to do now), 2. They’ll have “scheduled date nights” where team members will get to have a “night off”, and 3. He will get extremely irritable, (you think?)

Like I’ve said in a past blog, I don’t think people really appreciate what goes into things like making video games or TV Cartoons. I know that when my brother Steve (who works on Ed, Edd & Eddie) is in deadline mode, he has to sleep at his studio for a while in order to be there 24/7 to get work done. Luckily Dan hasn’t had to do that yet, although I have seen futons in some of the guys offices at his work. I guess it’s fortunate for Dan that he has an office full of 360’s that there’s no room for a futon. All this for the sake of peoples’ entertainment. Well, I can’t complain; it’s what pays the bills! Anyways that’s where my loving husband is right now; at work, at 10:30 at night and probably won’t get done for another half hour and I’m sitting here typing my latest blog entry, happy that he’s at home in Redmond working and not out in NC again………knock on wood.

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