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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Whole Again

I sang a solo in church today and it was a beautiful song by Sally DeFord (She's awesome!). I'm always at awe of the limitless times the Savior is able to forgive us and our sins when we repent, because he knows our pains and our sorrows personally. The atonement of Jesus Christ is the greatest thing to have happend for us and I'm greatful for songs about the love that He has for us.

BTW: You can check out more songs by Sally DeFord on her website

Whole Again By Sally DeFord

I come before the throne of God
My kneeling soul is filled with wond’ring awe
As the Savior’s tender mercy heals the wounds of all my sin
I praise the love that makes me whole again

I come in hope; I come in faith
To feel the touch of His redeeming grace
As I offer him my broken heart He heals the hurt within
And I praise the love that makes me whole again

Alleluia! my healing spirit cries
As he reaches out his hand to bid me rise
Alleluia! praise the Healer of all men
Who makes me more than what I was
And sees beyond what I am

And when I fall He lifts me up
Restores my soul, removes my bitter cup
For He heals my every heartache, and He carries all my pain
And I praise the love that makes me whole again

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