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Monday, June 26, 2006

The Drama Queen Strikes Again

Okay so maybe the dramatics regarding our car was a little over the top. Especially seeing that we are able to get it repaired ($900 later......we said that we wouldn't go over a thousand and she barely made it, the lucky little devil) but still, one of these days she's bound to die and now we're even more prepared to face that fact. Still after all this though, I will trust her. I mean there's too many trips to BC I wanna make this year, and she ain't gonna stop me. Although after 2 years of being cell-phone-less and happy about it, I think we're gonna have to crack down and get one, for my sanity's sake. I'm just freaked about breaking down while I'm by myself and not being able to call Dan. But I'm still just as happy to live without them. I think they're a waste of money and we don't really need them. It's just a luxury that everyone likes to have, because they can and then they keep buying more expensive and better ones that take pictures (Oooooh) or you can play games on them, or have special ringtones. Like um.....get a life people. There's more important things to do in this world with your spare time, than browse your phone for that perfect ringtone, that when it rings in a quiet public place, it annoys the heck out of me. You know how else it bugs me? When people carry on stupid conversations loud enough that everyone and their dog within a 5 block radius can hear what your saying. Like we care? Actually the worse are those 2-way ones where you can actually hear what the other people on the line are saying. Those are the worst and I never knew how annoying they were until Dan got rid of his and I could hear other peoples. ANNOYING!!!

Anyways that's my rant for today. I'm getting over a bad cold, so I still feel kinda crappy, so that's why I'm also in this mood.

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