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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Our Week Of Vacation

Well Dan got home on the 27th of May and he didn’t go back to work until today. After all we’d been through being apart ‘n all, we NEEDED a vacation. So here’s how it went:

Monday was Memorial Day for us here in the US of A and we went to our ward breakfast, where they had a bit of a ceremony before, with a raising of the flag and singing of some song, that I only recognized the tune from Ren & Stimpy’s “Anthem of the Kilted Yaksmen”....

....but it was obviously different lyrics, and then they pledged allegiance to the flag and I just stood there like a Canadian idiot not knowing what to do while everyone else who knew the words to the pledge recited it. (Ya I felt really dumb………..but I’ve learned it since then and I know it now)

Anyways after that excitement, Dan & I and Monica, Sarah and her two little girls Hannah and Ellie, went to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. We got there at about 11:30am and I don’t think we left till about 4:30pm…….that’s right folks……for those of you who can do math, that’s 5 hours walking around with 2 little girls looking at poor depressing animals stuck in place where they don’t necessarily belong. Don’t get me wrong though, I love the zoo and being educated on and seeing all those precious creatures, but I still feel sorry for them. Anyways by the end of the day all of us were absolutely exhausted! We all went to Cheesecake Factory for some dinner afterwards and then parted ways and I think Dan and I ended up crashing that night at 7:30pm and didn’t wake up till 12 hours later! I heard from Sarah that she crashed around the same time. It took a lot out of us old people. But the most fun of it all was seeing the girls have so much fun and seeing their faces when they got to see the animals. They’re favorite animal right now is the Tiger and this poor pathetic tiger was sleeping every time we walked by to see him, except for the 3rd time we went by his pen, he was circling around the back and he’d come out sometimes and show himself off for a few seconds, then he’d head back behind the rocks in the back. It was like he was taunting us cause we wanted to see him so badly. Well the girls were going nuts over this tiger to get him to come out. They started a chant, “We love tiger! We love tiger!” That was funny, but what was even more cute was Ellie (the cutest little girl ever) was singing to the tiger…….you know that song, “Can’t help falling in love with you” ? Well picture a little 3 year old, singing over and over the line, “falling in love with you” with hand motions from her hand on her heart then pointing to the tiger pen. It was absolutely priceless and I wish I could’ve captured that moment on camera. But anyways, I’ve posted some pictures of the zoo and my favorite shot is the one I took of Sarah with the Ravens attacking her………ok so actually it’s the one of the Elephant in mid crap. Can I say crap? Is that aloud? Anyways, the elephant was going to the bathroom and being the wacko that I am, I took a picture of it. Hey at least I’m not a sicko, and took pictures of the mating birds during our lunch…..oh ya…….how’s that for little children’s education……..”Mommy what are those birds doing on top of each other?”

Anyways Tuesday was our theater day and Dan and I saw my favorite musical Les Miserables at the 5th Avenue theater in Seattle. All I can say is that it was absolutely SPECTACULAR! I can’t even comment anymore on it, because it would just ruin it, but it was so wonderful and the actors and singers blew me away. Especially the guy who played Jean Valjean. He was amazing! And that’s all I’m gonna say about that……..well, no, wait a sec…..I’ve gotta mention something funny that happened. Well you see, we parked in a garage that was Valet parking only; for only 7 bucks, so it was a really good deal. We kinda felt a little silly cause here we were, dressed up, like we were worth more than a ’94 Chevy Corsica, and we dropped off our car for Valet Service, but we figured no one but the parking attendants saw us so it was ok. Well when we were done with the show and we went to the garage to pick up our car, we saw a line up of about 10 other people waiting to get their vehicles. We both noticed that all of the cars were like, BMW’s, Mercedes’, Lexus’, Audi’s,… get the picture…..WAY MORE EXPENSIVE THAN OUR CRAPPY CORSICA. Well, Dan and I could not keep a straight face when we realized the embarrassment we were about to incur when it came to be our turn to pick up our car. As soon as the driver came around with our car, we hopped in and dashed out of that garage like there was no tomorrow! Fun-ny! Well it was to us, but you had to be there, I guess, to have felt our embarrassment…….or if you’ve ever seen our car, you’d know! I don’t call it a Chevy Crap-ica for nothing.

Anyways I’m tired so I’m off to bed. Although stay tuned to hear about the rest of our vacation. Next to write about was our day at the Spa! Heavenly! Simply divine!

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