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Friday, June 9, 2006

Our Week Of Vacation (cont...)

So where was I...oh ya! Wednesday, which was SPA DAY!!!

Dan and I discovered this great little day spa called The Sun Spa in Woodinville, about 20 min north of us, and it just so happened to be a place that we get a discount at (because we’re such important Microsoft employees). So we spent the day there, from Noon till 6pm and just soaked into the spa atmosphere. It was such a relaxing day!

My treatments began with a Hot Stone Massage, which was absolute HEAVEN!!! If you’ve ever experienced a relaxation massage before, this is just about 100% better than the typical massage. And for those of you who haven’t experienced a massage period, then I suggest that you go out and try one; just one and you’ll be hooked! Anyways back to the Hot Stone experience...the therapist began by placing warm salt stones on my back to heat the “core” of my body. Then she began to massage my legs with her hands and then with the hot stones and then with her hands again. She says that the Hot Stone treatment varies from therapist to therapist, so most of them don’t do her technique of massage first with hands and then the stones and then back to the hands again, so I felt EXTRA pampered! Anyways, the hot stones gliding across my body felt so cool and weird at the same time, cause the best way to describe it would be to say that it felt like I was being massaged by hot oil gliding from smooth stones across my body, which basically that’s what it was, but it was a whole other feeling that I just can’t describe except to say that it was just...relaxation to the maximation! The best and I don't think I can ever go back to a regular massage again. Anyways my next set of treatments were a deluxe spa Pedicure and Manicure, complete with paraffin treatments. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s pretty much dipping your hands and feet in hot wax...I assure you that it feels good. Anyways next on the list was a facial and oh my was the best facial experience I’ve ever had. I’ve had a few good ones and a few really bad ones in my lifetime and this was at the top of the good ones for sure. Anyways it was an absolute perfect day of relaxation.

For those of you wondering, Dan was there with me enjoying some spa services at the same time that I was, but I made a promise not to disclose what services he had, for fear of ruining his manhood or defying the “man code” as he & his brother David call it, but he did enjoy all of his “gentlemen” services just as well as I did.

Okay now on to Thursday. This pretty much was just a do whatever day. We went to breakfast at our favorite breakfast place, The Brown Bag Café, and then did some shopping around town. Then we went to see the long awaited movie of the year, X-Men 3, which was so awesome! Like, totally! We went to the Lincoln Town Center Cinemas, by Bell Square; theaters where it’s like Silver City or Colossus, (for all you BC people) where it’s got stadium seating, but the best part of the theater are the seats. Leather seats with a slight recline to them and also you can raise the arm rest if you want to. It’s definite movie watching comfort at it’s if only the popcorn wasn’t so expensive.

Anyways on to Friday now. We took an Argosy Lunch Cruise of Elliot Bay in Seattle. We did one last year with Dan & Nicky when they came to visit and it was good times, so we decided to add it to our vacation. It was kind of a blah day but it was always sunny on our side of the ship which was strange cause the boat eventually turned around, but yet it was still sunny. Go figure. Anyways it was fun and good food and great company, I might add.

Okay so that was boring to tell about. But you’ll be able to tell from the pictures I’ve posted that we did have a great time.

The next day we decided that we would go on a spontaneous trip to BC to see my parents and to see Dan & Nicky and the Kiddies. It was actually the kiddies dance recital and it was the first time that all 3 kids were in dance (Hannah & Maddy in Ballet and Finn in Hip Hop) so it was cool to see them all in a recital. However it was SO LONG!!! And the seats were SO uncomfortable. But I guess it was worth it for the kiddies. It was a good excuse to go up and see them anyways and we had a ton of fun with them.

They actually haven’t seen Dan in a long while so it was a long overdue visit. The girls had tons of fun playing with Dan and treating him like an amusement ride.

Nicky and I had a great time playing with my camera. We actually took a series of pictures, making silly faces, and we didn’t tell each other what face we were going to make. When we looked back at them, we discovered the last one to totally fit together. It’s the one of me with my tongue out towards her and she’s giving a face of “she just touched me inappropriately”. We laughed so hard, I thought I was gonna die from lack of oxygen.

Anyways the girls also put on a Puppet Show for us and it was so hilarious. I guess you had to be there, but they used socks as puppets and they were talking in funny voices (just like their Auntie Suze) and this one part they had like a pretend playground slide and the one “sock” was going to go down the slide, so Hannah took the sock off her hand and dropped it down the slide, with a vocalization of “weeeeee”. It was so priceless, again I wish I had a video camera.

Anyways the pictures will tell that we had way too much fun laughing and playing with the camera and watching the girls dress up and play “runway model” in all of the clothes we bought them.

Oh ya and apparently the girls are OBSESSED with flip flops and they didn’t have any. So being the Auntie that I am to them, I had to spoil them and buy them a couple of pairs of flip flops. Like I said to Nicky, “they’re the only dolls I have right now to play dress up with, so I have to spoil them and buy them clothes. When we have our own children I won’t spoil them that much.”

To which she replied, “well then you’re not aloud to have any children!”

Anyways Dan & I went to Chilliwack Ward on Sunday and that was the first that we had heard about the announcement of the LDS Temple to be built in Langley BC. YAY!!! Finally!!! I’m so glad that the saints in BC will finally have a temple in their midst. It was kinda funny though, cause the rumors were flying when we had heard directly from Jen Maddox (now James) that the Prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley was in Langley with Pres. Christiansen around Dec 28th last year, cause her husband to be , Nathan, saw him when they were setting up for their wedding reception and we were all like, “well that definitely means that their putting a temple in BC for sure!” And we all waited for the announcement at General Conference in April about it and they never said anything, so I was so disappointed. But anyways they’ve announced it now and it’s great news. For those of you wondering about LDS temples and what they’re all about, you can go here and read about it.

Also when they are finished building it in Langley, for a short time there will be an Open House for the public to view inside of it (a rare occasion, for there are only so many temples around the world), but then it will be a dedicated building and only those members of the church who hold a temple recommend from their church leaders, can go inside. To Latter-Day Saints the temples are holy places and a refuge from the rest of the “world”. It is kept a sacred place after it has been dedicated to the Lord and so that is why only true and faithful members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints can enter and why the public can’t go inside one after it’s been dedicated. Anyways I invite you all in a couple of years (after it’s been completed) to go to the Open House so you can see for yourselves the beauty of these sacred buildings.

Anyways, that’s all I have to report really. Oh ya, it was our 2 year anniversary on Monday the 5th and we just can’t believe how much time just goes by so fast.

Also HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY to Monica Scott tomorrow.

That’s it. Sorry if this was boring, but I just had to report on our wonderful week long of no work an all play that I had with my wonderful adoring husband. I had SO much fun Dan and thank you again for such a wonderful time. You’re the bestest!

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