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Friday, June 16, 2006

Cruise Line Gets Sued

Ya think?

You can read the full story here, but in short, a cruise ship, supposed to be going to the Caribbean last year, had to change it's destination becasue a hurricane would be in it's path. So for the safety and concern for their passengers they made a last minute change (the night before they set sail) to their itinerary.

How would you like to have paid for a vacation with your hard earned cash; cruising to the Caribbean and find yourself cruising to Canada instead. That's definitely my idea of an exotic vacation.

Here's my version of what Royal Caribbean had to say about this tragic story that has such a happy ending:

“Dearest Cruise Passengers:

We know you paid thousands of dollars for your cruise to the Caribbean, but due to an unpredicted storm, instead we’re gonna take you to exotic Canada! What a great deal, EH?

However since it’s not our fault that we couldn’t go to the destination that you paid thousands of dollars for, we're not going to refund your thousands of dollars you spent on your tickets. Oh no! Instead we’re still gonna make you pay for the cruise, since we still took you to the sunny, warm destination of Eastern Canada. Oh but wait, since the port fees are just a little different, we’re gonna ‘do the right thing’ and refund you some of the thousands of dollars you spent to go to the Caribbean, (but instead had to go to Canada).

Inclosed is your check for $40.

Now in the future, since you were all so satisfied with our cruise line (and because of the thousands of dollars you had to spend on your lousy cruise to wonderful exciting Canada, instead of where you were supposed to go, which was the exotic glorious place of the Caribbean), we’re gonna give you the one time offer of getting 25%off your next over priced cruise with us. That’s right, we’re so generous that when you book any one of our exciting destinations, we’ll take you to hell instead.

Thank you for choosing Royal Caribbean!”

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