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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

I love IKEA!

I am super excited! You wanna know why? Okay I'll tell you why. I'm excited because our good friend Monica (who was Dan's friend to begin with from the Tri-Cities, but now I've stolen her as my friend) has moved here! YAY MONICA!

You know, I have so many friends named Monica. You wouldn't think that it's a very popular name, but it is. Let's see there's Monica Scott, from from Kirkland, and then there's Monica Craig nee Little, who I call Monona...because of some episode of Friends years back, and then there's my friend Monica Franco who's my long lost friend Monica (I don't know what her last name is now, I forget) that I saw and was reunited after like, 10 years of not seeing each other, at an OZOMATLI concert last November. Now don't confuse this situation with Ana Delgado, whom I also was reunited after 12 or 13 years at an OZOMATLI concert. Just one of the many reasons I love OZO; they reunite me with lost friends.......*tear. Anyways, so that's all the Monica's I know. Okay so there's only 3 but, how many Monica's do you know huh?

Okay so where was I.....oh yes Monica Scott moved here. She officially moved in to her apartment yesterday. Anyways she's one of those IKEA virgins, who's never "experienced" the store in all its GLORY. Like I said to Dan the first time I took him there, "It's not just a store, it's an experience!". And he said I was right. Now he's an IKEA lover thanks to ME!

I remember my roomate Amanda and I used to have cravings for their Hot Dogs that we'd drive from Abbotsford to Coquitlam just to go get Hot Dogs.....but they were good Hot Dogs...and we just loved IKEA. Anyways we're off to go there today; she needs some organization stuff and I need to soak in the glory that is IKEA. Really, it's not a "golden calf" to me, I just happen to LOVE the experience. Not a store remember, an experience. Say it with me now: "IKEA is not a store, it's an EX-PERI-ENCE!". Good. Now say it en Español........."IKEA no es un almacén que es una experiencia!" Muy bien mis estudiantes.

Okay, now that you've seen......"the plan" ....I'm gonna go.....and show the someone else.

I'm also excited cause it's my very bestest friend in the whole wide worlds birthday today.

Happy 29th Nicky!!!

Okay so she's actually 30 something, but hey aren't we all?.......last time I checked, NOPE! Not yet anyways.......about 6 months and 6 days till dooms day, but it's not like I'm counting down or anything.

Anyways have a great day Nicky and I'll call you sometime this century I promise. I love you!

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