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Monday, May 1, 2006

My "Secret Friend's" Backyard Party

So on Friday last week, my “secret friend” Sarah had a bunch of ladies over for a backyard party, where the “adults” had yummy Mexican food and stimulating conversation, and the kiddies got to run around and play together and get wet through the sprinklers.

*Side info:

Reasons why I love Sarah:

She’s FUN! Spontaneous. Superly SWEET. Has an awesome personality. FUN! Genuinely cares about people. She’s so cute. Knows how to PARTY! And did I mention she’s FUN?

I call her my “secret friend” because a few weeks ago we were talking and I’m like, “You know nobody would ever guess that we’re close friends, because we never hang out or see each other at church and when we do it’s a quick hello and that’s it.” So we decided that we were only gonna be friends in secret (jokingly of course); that we would be each other’s “secret friend” and we both laughed and thought it was hilarious and so now we lovingly refer to each other as “secret friends”.

Okay now that you’ve read the side info, I’ll go on to describe our fabulous party. It was probably the most beautiful day of the week and it was an impeccable backdrop for this party. Jim and Sarah’s house is like, the best place for a backyard party, let alone ANY party, period. Their beautifully landscaped yard and perfect playground for the kiddies, was the most complete setting for this intimate little soirée.

Sarah made the BEST food with a really yummy Mango Salsa and her always yummy Pico Del Gallo Salsa. She loves Mexican food as do I, although it was never a favorite of mine until I met Dan. It’s his favorite too and so I must say we eat it often…….but back to my story.

It just happened to be Trish Brown’s birthday that day (she’s in my ward and she lives in our apartments) and although I don’t know her that well I decided I wanted to make her a birthday cake. Now since there was going to be a plethora of people there I made a huge-mongous cake (no, it’s not a miss-spell. It’s a Susanese word meaning huge and mongous). It was my first attempt at a Carrot Cake and I must say it turned out DEE-LICIOUSLY! Even though I’m not an artist or even a self-proclaimed cakes decorator, I decided to ice and decor the cake with little “cream-cheese frosting” carrots. I thought it looked over done and ridiculous but I didn’t care. Actually all of the ladies were in awe of the beautiful cake that I made. One even thought I bought it! How’s that for flattery?

(Yes I know that "Birthday" is spelled wrong. I never noticed it, until after I looked at the pictures. Either no one noticed, or they were too nice to say anything!)

Well like I said it was my first attempt, and I guess now there will be more after this. Might I add that the cake was super moist and SO scrumptious, that pretty much all of us who lingered after the birthday girl left, had a second or third piece? I’m tellin’ ya, it was a very yummy cake. Thank goodness I snapped a photo of it before it was devoured. I caught a few candid photos of everyone too and some cute photos of my friend Katy and her cute little boy named after my husband (okay so we knew them after he was 2 months old). They’re the ones whose apartment we moved into, so we’re bound in friendship, by living quarters for life!

Anyways I’m looking forward to some more of Sarah’s backyard parties in the future. In the meantime I’d better get over this cold I have, before I totally ruin my gym routine again. It’s so not fair that now that I actually LOVE going to the gym (yes you read correctly, I LOVE working out), the routine of it all gets hindered by life’s calamities. Ah yes……I may be sick, but I’m still the same Drama Queen!

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