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Friday, May 19, 2006

Horray For YSA!

So today is a special day, cause for the first time in 18 months, my goodest friend April is finally coming to visit me! It took a YSA conference to get her to come down, but that’s not the point. The point is she’s finally coming! And even better, she’s bringing Ben and Andrew with her. Oh so much fun is in store for us!

So what if they’ll be busy most of the weekend with conference stuff, I’d be happy if I get to see them for 5 minutes...although I hope that’s not how long I’ll see them for...I mean I’m not running a freakin’ hotel, a’ight?

*Breathe Suze, just breathe...

Well enough of the hastiness, I’m just really excited that they’re coming to stay with me for a couple of days. Not that I’m feeling lonely all the time, with Dan being gone, but it’ll be really nice to actually have people in my house for more than dinner and a movie. Sorry Monica. Now that you’re living here, you’re just not fun anymore when you can’t sleepover. I’m sorry if the truth hurts but I cannot tell a lie. We’re still friends right? Monica? Hello? You’re still coming over for dinner on Sunday right? (ha ha….she totally knows I’m kidding)

Anyways I just can’t wait. Actually the YSA conference sounds like so much fun, I’m tempted to crash it. I mean, they’ve got awesome speakers coming and awesome entertainment, like Colors and the one and only Michael McLean. Dan and I saw, The Forgotten Carols concert at Thanksgiving with his family and I just totally fell in love with Michael McLean. He was SO entertaining and funny and his songs are beautiful (although at times a bit cheesy). He had me laughing and crying and feeling the Spirit like I’ve never felt it before, all in one night. I’d see him again and again if I could. That’s why I’d totally crash this conference, but I can’t……..cause I already “graduated” from YSA by getting married. Although at times (these last couple of months) I’ve felt single, but I guess that’s not enough to qualify me to go. Never mind the age limit is 18-30 yr olds and I’m pushin’ 30 pretty fast here.

Which brings me to my next birthday. Actually I DON’T want to talk about it, thank you. I realized a couple of days ago just how old I am, when the thought of an event in my life caused me to count how long it’s been since this event, and although it felt like just a few years ago, it actually happened more than half of my life ago! About 18 years to be exact. Lame...oh so lame.

Really, I don’t feel like time is just ticking away at all…..especially not cause my biological clock is ticking at the same time or anything. Not at all! (By the way I’m being SARCASTIC!...........[ah Homer])

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