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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Bad Day.......Happy Ending

So today just started out kinda bleh.

I was talking to Dan and then I needed to break for lunch and so since he doesn't like it when I talk to him and chew things in my mouth at the same time (I know Nicky, he's wee-owd) we hung up the phone. Just then I was heading off to the freezer to get myself something to cook, when........ oh wait..........side track:

Okay, so, I think it was Saturday last week that I had decided to re-arrange the furniture in our room to make it seem a bit bigger and so I started to do just that. You see our bedroom consists of a king sized bed, a (desk) table (or whatever it's called), a tall dresser (which on top sits a TV, DVD player, and a small stereo) and our freezer....(It's a one bedroom apartment and it doesn't have much storage space so we had to imporvise with our freezer and it was the only logical answer to put it in our room)....So anyways I re-arranged the closet so that I could put the dresser in there to make room enough for me to switch the places of the desk and the freezer, and then I was gonna just put the TV and stuff on top of the desk in front of our bed. Well anyways I didn't get it finished in time on Saturday so I made the switch on Monday and then I was done the re-arranging. So I plugged everything in where it was supposed to go and I was quite proud of myself.

....back to my story now:

Okay so I went in to the freezer and brought out a chicken pattie to have for lunch and I took it out and it didn't click right away, but I thought, "hmmmm that's weird. This chicken doesn't really feel that frozen". Then that's when it clicked. I realized that the freezer had been off! At first I thought it was a malfunction in the freezer, cause it couldn't have been anything I did!

Another side note:

In our bedroom there are outlets in the wall that are controlled by the light switch and it drives me nuts cause I can never remember which ones they are. Well when I moved everything around, I thought everything was plugged in where it should've been, except for I didn't have a power bar where the freezer now was, anymore, where as I did before when I had serveral things plugged in there (ie: lamp, my CPAP, a candle warmer etc...).

Well in case you haven't figured it out by now, I had plugged the freezer into this particular outlet that was controlled by the light switch ans since I figured that the only thing plugged into it was our big lamp then it never occured to me that anything was wrong.

Well it was. It was all very wrong! We had a freezer full of food, that ususally lasts us about 2-3 months and it's all of our staple meats and frozen veggies and bread and other stuff and it was all of it spoiled! I had just gone shopping that week too. I figured that the freezer had been off for about 4 days. Turned on, of course on the occaision that I needed to turn on the lamp. Boy did I feel REAL STUPID!!!

This just couldn't have happend on a worse day. It's that time of the month and I'm already emotional/moody/irritable.....just to name a few and I'm on meds that make things hormonally 100 times worse! So needless to say this was the straw that broke the camel's back. (I always hated that expression, I mean how strong can a piece of straw be to break a camel's back? DOYE!) Anyways I called Dan right away in panic, cause I felt like such an idiot for being so stupid and pretty much cause I had spoiled all of our food for the next couple of months. But of course since I've got the best husband in the world, he says to me - uh.....ok so what's the catastrophe? He was like, no big deal, we'd work it out. He says that nothing physical is of any value in this world but me and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. What a way to make me feel better. Well it did a little. I still felt stupid. but he did make my day.

But what made my day even better was that Sarah called at the right moment and invited me over for a girls night, since there was ward Father/son camp out tonight and it would just be us girls; Sarah, Hannah, Ellie, Amanda and I. So it's exactly what I needed to have tonight. We had Yummy Teriyaki and watched Hoodwinked (I LOVE THAT MOVIE!), tried to play Hand and Foot (a card game) but we couldn't remember the rules of the game so we played Rummikub and laughed till our guts hurt and were being so silly and nerdy, cause our husband's weren't around (not that I woudn't act that silly or nerdy when Dan's around anyways) and had a blast! I finally gots sum pictures of the girls so you can all see how sweet and cute they are.

But anyways it's off to bed for me. It's way late and good nite to y'all. Oh yes and I must mention before I go that Jennifer James is my most loyal fan to date. She read all of my blogs today. All of ' one sitting........I thought only I did that! What a trooper! Thanks for being a fan Jen!

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