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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Raleigh Here I Come

It’s official! I leave in 3 days to go be with my husband in Raleigh, NC. I booked my flight just now and the awesome thing is that a friend of mine is flying to Utah that same day and so I get a ride to the airport and I don’t have to pay a shuttle.

Another awesome thing is that I’ll have a laptop out there so I’ll still be in touch with the world and most importantly I’ll still have my phone out there (Vonage is awesome everyone!) so I’ll be able to chat LD and not pay a darn thing to do it!

I’ll keep you up to date on all my adventures in Raleigh (there’s plenty of tourist sites and a temple……but most importantly a mall…….j/k) and we’ll also be going to Washington DC one weekend and probably down to South Carolina too; to see the temple there and hopefully our friends Chris & Kathy……they don’t know it yet, cause my email to them bounced, but hopefully if you’re reading this Chris, it won’t come as such a shocker when I call you.

Anyways I’m so excited to go!!!! WOO HOO!!! YIPEE!!!! YAHOOOO!!!!

This is me excited, saying Yahoooo!

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