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Thursday, February 2, 2006

Mom For A Week

My Nicky's going to Mexico and I get to play "mom" for a week!

From Nicky's Blog:


Well Mexico here I come... I'm going. Dan has managed to
talk me into it. I kinda had no choice and this was one battle that I just
couldnt win. Now that we have everything booked and paid for I know that I can't
back out. Actually I am very excited about the whole thing. (except for the
flying, ya thats gonna need lots of working on) but as far as everything else
goes I just can't wait. We will be spending 7 nights at the Barcelo Maya
Colonial in the Mayan Riviera. I know, I totally feel spoiled. I have never ever
done anything like this before... The furthest I have travelled was hmmm let me
see, Calgary. Pretty sad. Oh my gosh i so cant wait. It's gonna be paradise.
When Im there Im not gonna have a care in the world. I'll miss the kids greatly
but I will have absoloultley no worries! They will be in very good hands. Thanks
to my Suze. Actually the kids are glad we are going. Hannah said and Finn agreed
it was a good thing because now they gets to spend lots of time with their Tia
Susan. They actually can't wait. Its such a relief to know that they are
completely comfortable with all of this. It makes it easier for me to go.... 23
days to go!

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