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Friday, February 3, 2006

Long Time, Not Write

So we got rid of our XBOX 360. I don’t even know why we kept it for so long. The novelty totally wore off. We barely ever played it and when we did, we felt like it was a total waste of time. I mean ya it’s cool and everything and it does really cool stuff, but Dan and I have become so un-materialistic in the last year that we’ve been married, that we just didn’t care to have it in our house. It became a waste of space. So we decided to sell it on Ebay.

Anyways tomorrow we’re going up to Van City to visit with Justin & Tricia and we’re also going to a surprise birthday party for Laura (my bro Steve’s girlfriend). It should be fun.

I think we’ve decided to go up to Canada in little spurts, like once or twice a month and go just for the day or just stay one night, instead of having to plan a whole weekend of seeing just a handful of people, and feeling rushed or guilty that we never saw everyone that we wanted to. Hopefully that works………although in about a month or less I’ll be in the Wack for a week, playing “mom” to my nieces and nephew. I doubt anyone would come and visit me out there, but maybe, just maybe someone will. Okay maybe that wasn’t’ subtle enough:

So like in a few weeks when I’m in Chilliwack……….PLEASE COME VISIT ME! It’ll probably be the only chance that I’ll get to see some of you for a while.

Well even if nobody else comes, I’ll know at least LeManda and Tricia will come and see me. They’re my real friends!

Ya I know the guilt trip hasn’t worked for you, but hey at least I tried!

Anyways I’ve been doing hair again down here and I really missed it. I love it and I can’t believe that I stayed away for so long. Okay maybe it’s because my back hurt badly and I couldn’t really do it. But I have a wonderful chiropractor (and great health insurance) and I’m able to do it without any severe pain anymore. My business is taking off too. Mostly people I know from church, but people are really loving that I’m coming to them instead of them coming to me. They find it really liberating having their hair done, or any other beautification service that I offer, right in the comforts of their own home. Especially the ones with small children that they don’t have to drag out, or can be put down for naps. It’s been really great and it’s something that excites me each day that I get to work.

I go to an allergy specialist in a month to see if I’m actually allergic to stuff (ie: Doggies) or if it’s just my imagination. I really want a puppy or puppies. We were going to wait till we were in a house, but that might be for a long time and I want a cutsey witto puppy now! Hopefully if I can get it all figured out at the allergy clinic then I’ll be getting one by the end of the summer. I plan on spending my summer at Cultas, so I can’t exactly have one then, but after that, for sure!

Well that’s it for now. Tune in next time for the exciting adventures of Suze “THE” Price.

….Okay so they’re not exactly exciting, but they’re definitely adventures…………okay so they’re not really adventures either, it’s just my life and I’m sticking to it!

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