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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


So, I’m half way into this “pretend parenting” thing, by watching my 2 nieces and nephew, while their parents are in MEXICO and I must say I’m looking very forward to when they come back. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really glad for this opportunity; to help out Dan & Nicky so that they could finally after 9 years of marriage, go on a honeymoon, and also to practice being a mom, but I just want my routine back. It’s really been hard to go straight from a husband & no kids, to looking after 3 that have their own routines: breakfast, school, packing lunches, making lunch for a munchkin at home, taking kids to dance classes, packing snacks, going grocery shopping with kids, making a good supper, making sure kids do homework, doing laundry for kids that throw EVERYTHING in the laundry….even when they wear it for 5 seconds, making sure kids go potty, wiping bums, showering or bathing kids, bedtime stories, making sure kids brush their teeth, family prayers with kids who aren’t used to saying them (actually that’s been the easy part….they love doing it) and then making sure all the munchkins get to bed….that’s pretty much my day, except dance is only twice on Monday and once on Thursday. OYE! It’s a lot to remember to do when all your used to doing all day is making sure you get out of bed, remembering to eat breakfast/lunch and then maybe making supper that night for you and your husband. That’s pretty much my routine……sometimes more, sometimes less. So this has been eye opening for me. It’s like being thrown into motherhood for a week with three kids (3 good kids mind you) and NO HUSBAND. Oh ya did I mention that Dan’s not here with me? I feel like a single parent who’s got a boyfriend I chat to all the time on the phone (tee hee).

Well I’ll be home in about 5 days, and then my husband will leave the next day to North Carolina for a MONTH! But fortunately I’ll be joining him a week later until he comes back, or until I get bored. Either way I’m really looking forward to going. It’s gonna be so awesome. It’ll feel like a total holiday. We’re going to try to get up to Washington DC for a weekend. Also there are so many temples in like a 3-6 hour radius, so we want to try and go to all of those too. But I’m not getting too excited because I won’t know for sure if Dan’s actually going, until he’s actually on a plane. It’s a long explanation…..and boring. But I think that he is actually going, so I’m really looking forward to going to a new state. I’ve only ever been as far as Utah. I’m also excited cause I have a good friend in South Carolina and I’m sure I’ll be able to see him and meet his wife……that I’ve never even seen a picture of!!!! That’s for you Chris…….do you feel guilty yet? Que Pesado! KAY HORR-EE-BLAY!!! Anyways I’m sure after this adventure of “pretend parenting”, I’ll need the vacation. Thanks again MICROSOFT!

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