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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Tomorrow!.... I Love Ya!

Because you're only a day away! No really it's because tomorrow I have an appointment with "LA MIGRA" to get my travel card that will tell the geeks at the border that I'm a permanent resident. NOT A CITIZEN, PEOPLE.....most of you have that just states that I live here legally, without a problem. There will be a time that I will have to re-apply to have the "conditional" part of the permanent residency removed, but that's in a couple of years. They just want proof until then that we've stayed's a percaution that they take when the applicant has been married less that 2 years to said spouse......I being that "applicant" and Dan being that "spouse".

H'okay, now that we've settled all that.....I still don't know if I'll be getting that travel card right away or not. But hopefully I will, cause then it's off to BEAUTIFUL BRITISH COLUMBIA! Yipee! Woo Hoo!! Hallelulia! I CANNOT wait to see everyone again. I'll probably be up there for a couple of weeks and then I think that Terence & Jacki are going to come up the last weekend with Dan and then we'll all hang out together.

Anyways I can't belive this week is almost over. Yesterday I got together with my long lost friend Sara Swank from my old ward. We haven't hung out since we moved into the new apartment, but we used to get together every week to go to the temple or to play Scrabble. She's my Scrabble buddy.......Sara Scrabble.....ya that's it! Dan and I have names for all of the Sara's that I's the only way he can tell them for instance there's Rexburg Sarah, that's Sarah Erekson (Fairbairn) my friend from Langley now living in Idaho with her husband...... and then there's Sara Sauve whom we call "Sara, the one who stole our parking pass" (long story) and then there's Sarah Thatcher in our new ward, where we've sorta named her "FUN Sarah" cause she's just a big bundle of fun. Then there's my niece Sarah Burke.......she's just Niece Sarah, but we don't talk about her much cause she's a child and we never see her. Now we have Scrabble Sara. (*phone's ringing)......Speaking of Sara's......that was Sara-the one that stole our paking pass, calling me to tell me about her wonderful weekend at Conference down in SLC Utah. She met a man......and she's all giddy......I love it! I've wanted her to find a man that would treat her right for so long and now I think she's found that man! He sounds great and I hope it all works out for her and she moves down to Utah so that I can live closer to her. She lives in E-Town right now (Edmonton) and that's like at least 14-16 hrs away. We live about 12 hours from Utah and besides flights to Utah are way cheaper than to Edmonton. Anyways now that I've planned her future for her with this guy, I'll move on.

I'm making Split Pea & Ham soup right now in the crockpot and it smells SO GOOD.....but I can't touch it for another 6 hrs, so I'm dying here. I think I'll go have some breakfast. I really don't have much to say really. I need to go to Costco today to get my mugshots for immigration tomorrow. Then I have Enrichment meeting tonight. For those of you who don't go to my church, we (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)have a world wide organization of a women's group called the "Relief Society" and in our own little local congregations (wards) we get together for about 45 min. every Sunday for a Spiritual meeting and lesson, after our Sacrament meeting and Sunday School....... but once a month we get together for a lesson and an activity night called "Home, Family and Personal Enrichment" (Enrichment for short). Well this month (tonight) they're doing a Talent Auction where during the last few weeks or so we've been earning "points" by doing things off a list, for instance, calling a friend and seeing how they're doing is worth 5 pts., going out to lunch with someone you want to get to know better is worth 20 pts., giving someone a heart felt compliment is 5 pts. and so on. Basically nice things or charitable things to do for those around us and to get to know one another better. A way to bring us closer together. Well anyways the points you've earned can be used to "bid" on Talents that the women have auctioned off. Basically things that women are willing to share or do for the other women.....for instance I've auctioned off a Makeover and Eyebrow threading and one other one....but some women have auctioned off, jewlery making, piano lessons, babysitting, cake decorating and the list goes on. I'm looking SO forward to it. It's gonna be a lot of fun. But anyways that's not till tonight at 6:45pm......(we get extra points for being early too) and I've got the rest of the day to do my stuff......which reminds me I've gotta put laundry in the dryer.

Ta ta

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