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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

The 4th Of Febtober

Good ol' Sean Connery..........well Darryl Hammond playing Mr.'d get it if you watched SNL's Celebrity Jeopardy.

H'okay, so.....apparently I under estimated the power of Suze THE Price's blog entries. I have a lot of angry people at me, constantly pleading to'd think it would be because of the harsh content that is my almost daily blog......oh but no! It is simply the fact that I don't write in my blog ENOUGH! Apparently I have loyal fans who await reading this thing on a daily basis, and I have dissapointed them. Those who have nothing better to do that to click on this web space dedicated to yours truly, on almost an hourly basis, just to see if I have posted anything new. And when they don't find anything, they sink into a deep dark depression that only Hamlet would recognize. The only thing to lift their spirits is to go on here the very next day, to see if anything's new. When they find nothing, they sink deeper and deeper still, and the cyle begins again.

Who'da thought that I was upseting the public by not submitting a whimsicle detailed tab, that is my life, day to day? Well "public"......."loyal fans"......I give you the dawning of a new era! From now on I will give you NEW daily entertainment.........I will please every cockel of your heart with the sanity of knowing that everyday you can come on to here and read to your heart's content, a daily adventure that is Suze THE Price. If I am that exciting to you, then so be it. How could I deny the allegiance that you have for me. NO! I will hold you in suspence no longer!

Today it this:

I'm sorry Dan, Jacki & Terence.....I have nothing else to write.

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