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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Free At Last! I'm Free At Last!!!

H'okay so most of you probably know already about the ordeal that we've been going through these last 4 months with US Immigration (if not, please refer to my Blog from May 18th, '05.......also if not, then you must not be my friend or retarded that you don't know what's going on with my life) Hennyways, I am refering to the letter we've been patiently waiting for from the USCIS to tell me whether or not my petition for allowing me to stay in this country where my husband resides, due to the fact that it would be an extreme hardship if we didn't (Like, DUH!) gets granted or not. Well.....we've been waiting for "such letter" for about a little over 10 weeks now and they said it would only take about 4-8 weeks...(*liars!). However on Saturday afternoon as I was chatting it up with my good ol' BUUU-DY Chris livin' over in the Dirrty South ....SC Y'all! (what'd you call it SAD CRACK? WHAT?) and we were disscussing such letter that we had been patienly waiting for. (Immigration is giving him a run for his money too.....he's a fellow Canuck who married an American, just as I, and they're treating him like an Al Qaedian too) Anyways I had to end the transmission with friend Chris, because I was awaiting the arrival of our good friends Jerence and Tacki (as Dan once mistakenly refered to them as) for some hangin' out time and a good ol' fashioned Ham & Scalloped Potato wait.......FEAST is more like it! Hennyways when they arrived we decided that we would go look at some apartments while we were all together. (*break to explain):

You see we all get along so well that we want to live in the same apartment complex as each other, because the blocks that seperate us are just too dangged far! *tear Plus also, Dan & I looked at our finances and realized that we could afford to buy a house sooner than we thought, if we made some "changes" in where our money goes, mainly our rent money........*basically we're paying WAY too much for an apartment that accomodates too many people (when there's just the two of us) and we feel it's a waste, especially if we could be saving the difference in rent on a cheaper and smaller apartment and get enough money to buy a house sooner that the five year plan that we needless to say we're thinking about downsizing......and what better way to downsize than to find an apatment and complex that suits the four of us anyways we went to go look at some apartments up the street from us.....of course they were retarded and we couldn't view an apartment cause they needed every one's ID and Jacki didn't have her's with her........ya so they were dumb.

Anyways on the way back we stopped in at the offices of our current complex (who are very nice and more relaxed than some offices) and we viewed one of the 1 bedrooms there. Dan and I figured we could make it work, with all our stuff. All I really cared about is having a spacious kitchen (which it has) and a place to put our puter, so it suited me just fine. Especially the fact that we would be saving up to $600 in rent for that apartment. We talked to Jill at the office and she said that since we're passed 6 months on our lease we could easliy change apartments if we wanted to. (We still have to find out if we have to sign a new one year lease or continue with our current one, in order to make a final decision on whether or not we can do were unsure of when one comes available.....ANYWAYS......I suck at writing "short" stories.........anyways to make this shorter and to the point......Dan checked the mail while I was in the office and we got the letter saying that application for Permanent Residence was granted!!! I just about peed my pants when he showed me the letter. I WAS FREE AT LAST!!! All I had to do was make an appoinment with USCIS to get my card that proves that I'm a perm. res. of the US and then I can cross the border legally!

I was so glad that Jacki & Terence were there to celebrate in the joy that we felt that this was all over with. They've been through it all with us and I was so glad to have them there to witness it all. We came home and immediately celebrated by eating our dessert of delectibly deliciously looking Carmel Cheesecake that they had brought over. No we hadn't eaten dinner yet, but this was a cause to it was Cheesecake dag nabbit!.....there's never an excuse not to have Cheesecake! We did enjoy our lovely Ham dinner a few hours later, after playing a round of RAGE....(*which T won....that....bast-....nevermind!) Alpine came over after too. She's SO cute! We ended up watching a movie after playing a game of PHASE 10 (which T won.....again!.....that little punk!) and Alpine cuddled with me on the couch. Anyways we watched JAWS 2........ya......two words to describe that movie.......DUH UM! At least in the 1st JAWS he looked real......this one just looked mechanical.......stupid.......and what's with the gay ending?........he bites onto a powerline and "shocking-flames" himself to death?.......riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight! Ya back to the drawing board on that one guys! I'm just glad that it's the end of JAWS the Sharky.........what you say? .....There's another JAWS movie? Revenge of JAWS's son's, brother's, uncle's, cousin's, grandfather's, niece's, sister's, father's, great-nephew's, neighbor comes back to kill them? me up to watch that one!!!


Anyways, this weekend was a blast. Sorry I wasn't able to make it to PG for LeManda's 2nd reception to play the role of bridesmaid #3 this weekend. But I'm glad you got lots of presents......that's the whole fun of getting married.....the presents.....lots and lots of presents!

Oh c'mon! I'm not the only greedy one in this world!

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