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Sunday, September 18, 2005

I Think I'm Going To Hell

So funny thing happend this week.

Well we all know from my last blog that I got sick......well I was feeling sick the last time I wrote but it developed into a pretty bad head-cold. So Anyways I was feeling kinda crappy. Well it just so happens that we were dupposed to have LeManda come stay with us this weekend and also, Dan & I were assigned to give talks in church. Well Dan wanted out of it SO badly, cause he really doesn't like giving talks.....and so when I got sick it was our easy "out". Because I was suffering pretty badly, I decided on Thursday that maybe it wasn't a good idea for LeManda to come this weekend to stay. Then on Friday I had decided that I wasn't going to feel good enough to speak on Sunday so we called the PIC (person in charge) so that they could get some people to replace us, since Dan wasn't about to speak on his own. So, come Saturday night and I start feeling pretty OK, but then we're like......"Oh crap....we can't go to church, cause we were supposed to speak!" and we didn't want to look like liars so we decided we weren't gonna go. But then we forgot another minor detail....Terence and Jacki were going to come to our ward to see our talks, so we called them Saturday night and left them a message, cause they weren't home, that we weren't going to be speaking on Sunday and not ot come to our ward. Well since they were house sitting for her parents, they didn't get the message till Sunday morning when Terence had gone home. No problem right? WRONG-O! It turns out they had already got a sub to teach their Primary class in their ward, so they couldn't go to their ward and we couldn't go to our ward, so we all didn't go to church today out of embarassment. I know we're all dumb and should've gone anyway, but I was still feeling crappy and tired this morning, so I was in no shape to go, so I at least had a good excuse. However if I do get sent to purgatory, at least I'll be with friends!

Anyways we ended up goiong to her parents house at about 2pm for an early supper, and we played games till about 10:30pm. We made Caramel popcorn...(way too much....I know Dan!) and we ended up playing some RAGE and a new game Spanish that Dan taught us and most importantly we played Phase 10. *Ahem..........actually we all played but I kicked BUTT at Phase 10. We played 2 very long games and I won both! Just my luck I guess. I can never complain now that Dan wins at every game we play, cause he didn't win at any games we played tonight. Poor Dan!

Anyways on another note........La Migra (immigration) is still taking their sweet old time to get back to us, so for those of you who are wanting to know, NO we haven't heard back from them. It's starting to really tick me off. But as I try to be patient, I must have the faith that I will be legally aloud to leave the country by November 28th because my dear sweet friend Ana has gotten me an OZOMATLI concert ticket! Even if I can't go (heaven forbid!) then she says she'll take care of getting rid of it for me. What an awesome friend! I'm so excited. They're playing the Commodore and that's the venue I first saw them at and it's the perfect place for them to play at because of the acoustics and also the stage is big enough for them. I mean they're like a 10 piece band. This aint no wimpy teeny tiny ensemble.....they are THE ultimate band! My favorites! And I'll be praying really really hard that I'll get to go.

Anyways I'm tired....going to go sleep.......ta ta!

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