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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Why?, i couple of months ago......that I out. So tel me somethin' Doc......


I don't understand. I felt last night that I was getting a sore throat and then I thought to myself, "nah! can't be right.....I don't have tonsils".

So then, all night, why the heck would my throat be bothering me? I woke up feeling horrible. I thought that when you got your tonsils out you wouldn't ever have to feel a sore throat anymore. Well apparently not I guess!


Well that's my story today........I think I'm getting sick. Well I feel better now, although my throat is still a bit funky feeling. But dag nabbit! I was so excited to go to Women's study group this morning (like a womens only scripture Institute for women except it's not CES sponsored) and then I had to wake up feeling crappy. I was gonna go to the temple today too. It's like I'm being forced not to go to anything that'll do me good.


Well whatever! Last night we finally found a restaurant in Redmond that's on the Prime Network (Our Microsoft Discount) that we love. When we arrived it really reminded me of a Milestone's atmosphere (that's my favorite restaurant back home) so I immediately loved it. Oh ya, it's called COHO CAFE and it's near the Bella Botega theaters. I went with Dan & David and it was really good food. Good service, great atmosphere, and friendly staff. HIGHLY recommended by the Price's. I ordered something that i prbably would never order again, but it was good. It was a stir-fry thingy with soba noodles. But I know for sure what I'm ordering next time! David ventured out and ordered Salmon, which is what I was gonna order but then I decided on these noodles, but David let me try it and OMIGOSH it was THE best Salmon, not the best Salmon I've tasted, but it was pretty dang DEL-LISSY-OH-SO!!! David said it was the BEST Salmon he's ever had, but I don't think he's tried it all that much.

Menu description: (from

Fresh seven oz. hand cut fillet cold smoked & grilled over apple wood

It was FAB-YOU-LUSS! So that's what i'm having next time.

Anyways that's my restaurant recommendation for the day. Tune in next time when I will try Taco Del Mar for the 100th time.............mmmmmmmmmm Taco Del Mar!!!

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