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Monday, September 12, 2005

Is It Monday Again? Already?

Wow! Time just goes by so fast. I can't even believe that it's already been another week gone by already. Okay so mosly, I'm excited that PAYDAY is this Thursday. I'm doin' pretty good with the money entrusted to me too. I get money every two weeks for groceries and also pretty much all the extra money which goes towards anything else we need......for example: gifts, car repair, stuff for the house, going out to eat, activities we want to do, you know all the extra stuff that's not budgeted. (*Brag time) My husband does an excellent job at budgeting our money. He doesn't think so, but for someone who hated budgeting his earnings before, started a great tracking system with M-Excell, ever since we got married and he's done an awesome job at keeping it together financially. Great JEAROB!! Anyways so I was speaking of myself here, and I was saying how payday comes Thursday and this month for the first time in a very long time, we're actually ahead of ourselves. Which is great, cause that means I can start saving for a sewing machine, since mine decided to die on me just at the end of my project, thank you very much! Yes it's true Jacki lent me her sewing machine to finish the project and it's still sitting in the front hallway in the exact place she put it over two weeks ago, but that's besides the point! I want one for my own and I plan to buy one for my birthday in November. I need something to cheer myself up that I'll be turning my last 20-something..... forever! Well I know for sure that Dan's gonna do something real special for me, right Lovey?

Anyways enough of that whining. GOSH! I sure is annoying!

Anyways Friday night we went over to dinner at TAki's and boy that totally felt like a Monday! See we only usually go there on Monday's and that's why it felt weird okay? End of story. Goodnight nurse!

Okay so I lied that's not the end of the story so read on.

So ya we hung out Friday and.......oh ya, guess what? Dan is just the greatest! Well I know...... you already knew that right?........well he's even greater than before cause he was being sneaky but of course he couldn't keep it a secret for long cause he just sucks at keeping secrets, so what he did was he went and ordered RAGE cards online without me knowing. For those of you who have forgotten or just haven't read my past blog entries, RAGE is my favorite card game that Dan's mom has had for years and you can't really get them anywhere cause they're amde in Belgium so we always have to wait for his parentals to come here to play the game, or if we go there too I suppose, but anyways ya, so Dan bought now we have our own set of RAGE cards. I love that game! We played it that night with TAki and they loved it too!

Anyways Saturday was another, you guessed it, Mariner's game and we worked the game again with TAki's family. This time Dan got to come and it was totally fun. Dan ended up being a runner for me, which I'll admitt I was a little leary if he could handle it (*shame on me!) but I under estimated his days at McCrappy's working there for a couple of years. He did GRRRRRRRRREAT! It was actually a pretty slow and dead game but it was actually pretty busy. It took forever for the first 3 innings to go by and then it started getting really cold so we sold a lot of Hot Chocolate and Coffee, which was just weird (cause usually the never sell barely any of that stuff). But it was tons of fun as usual. The "Yeesh" David drove us home, cause he was at the game and then we went and soaked our sore bodies in the Hot Tub. Have I mentioned to you how much I just LOVE our apartments!?

Anyways enough bragging at how great my life is, cause I'm really putting up a front. I mean ya I have a great husband, wonderful friends, an awesome apartment to live in, I don't have to work right I pretty much am a free loader.....but I also am suffering everday of my life not knowing if I'll be aloud to stay in this country (cause immigration is taking their sweet old time with giving me a reply to our appeal) and also the stress and anguish of wanting to be a mother but I can't naturally, unless I take drugs to make my body function somewhat normally so that I have a chance of conceiving (however it does take 2 and a lot of good timing). I totally envy those women that can get pregnant by just looking at their husbands. It's so not fair! Then there's the ignorant teenager that messes around with her boyfriend and easily gets pregnant and they don't even want a baby at this time in their come it's so easy for them? Why is it that Dan & I want children SO badly and I have to go through all what I'm going through just to have a slight chance of getting pregnant? All these drugs that make me loopy and emotional to the EXTREME!! I mean, why me? And why Jacki too? I'm so greatful that she's on the same boat as I am with all this trying to get pregnant and stuff. I wonder if she knows just how meant-to-be- friends we are. I mean ya, all this stuff is happening all this trial in our lives and yet Heavenly Father knows just exactly when and where we needed each other. I mean it's not coincidence that we met them just as they were moving into the ward and we were moving out. Timing was just too perfect and our friendship with TAki is too perfect, it had to be something conjoured up by a higher power. Some of you may not understand, but we are all friends for a reason. There are no coincidences. Each and everyone of you that is or was my friend, was so that we could comfort in each other, laugh with each other, be strong for one another, or just simply be there for each other at the time we need you the most. Again I thank each and every one of you I call a friend for always being there for me. Thanks for all the support and prayers that you continue to give to me and my family through this immigration trial as well. I will let you all know ASAP the outcome. It just better come this week or else I'll go insane!!!

To those of you who said under their breath, "she's already insane", know me too well!

Laytuh Suckas!!!!!

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