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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Tom's Birthday

Well today was Tom's birthday (Tom's my Step-dad, for those idiots that don't know) so we decided to go out with TAki for dinner. Makes sense don't it? Actually today we decided we wanted to go out for dinner and it just happend to be Tom's birthday. I can't believe he's 61yrs old! Wow time goes by so fast! He looks really good for his age. I lost track and I thought he was turing 58 or 59, but now....he's in his 60's and that's amazing. So anyways we went to Black Angus with TAki and had some good steak dinners. We used coupons! It was worth it! 2 steak dinners with 2 sides and an appetizer platter and dessert for only $35! What a deal!

Not much to say really. I just found out some really great news and then not so good news tonight. Well I found out that my favorite band is playing in Seattle on Nov. 27th. Good news you would think, but the show is on a Sunday and I won't go on a Sunday.....besides I wouldn't have anyone to go with! Then they're playing Vancouver the next day. But I can't go to Vancouver........well hopefully by then I can, and then I can go but then tickets will probably be gone by the time I find out if I can leave the country.....SUCKS!!!!!!!!! Then also tonight I found out that my really great, best friend April was in a severe car accident. She managed to escape not severely harmed or with any broken bones, which is a miracle, cause the officer at the scene saw her later in the hospital and he said that he's seen a lot of accidents in his life and she was lucky to even be alive! Her car is totalled and the guy that hit her escaped from the scene. He was caught luckily, but he's in major trouble cause not only did he flee the accident but he was on drugs. But I can't believe that it happend to her. Just goes to show you that your life can be taken from you at any moment. Try and live your life so that you don't have any regrets and that you'll be ready at any time to meet your Maker.

Anyways I'm glad she's okay. I don't know what I'd do without her in my life. She is truly my sister that I never had. (well besides my half-sister Emily). But she is SO special to me and I would go nuts if she wasn't in my life....even though at times when we're together it seems that we are nuts! I love you Apro!!! I just wanted you and everyone else reading this, to know that!

Now on to other stuff. I've been SO slacking in my workouts. So today as punishment for myself, that I didn't go yesterday or Monday (I was even contemplating on today), I made myself walk an extra mile. It was tough but I did it. In under an hour too! 2 miles an hour.....seems really slow compared to how fast you go in a car, but it was a long distance for me. *Pats self on back

Well it's just 3 more days till the game on Saturday. I'm looking forward to it again. Dan's helping this time. It should be a lot of fun! The Yeesh is gonna meet us there and then we'll ride home together and then he'll be staying with us till Thursday for work. I'm really sad that Deena couldn't make it this time. We were supposed to crochet together!!

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