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Monday, September 5, 2005

Labor Day Weekend

Omigosh where do I even begin?

It all started on the Friday evening when LeManda came down from BC. We met them at the temple with TAki and did some proxy sealings with them, which was awesome cause LeManda have never done that kind of work at the temple, and since they both fainted at their own wedding ceremony, it was good for them to reflect on that day and hear the actually ceremony of a couple being sealed together for time and all eternity in the temple of our God. Later on we all hung out and played games and went swimming and of course had a really fun time.

The next morning we went for brunch at my favorite breakfast place, The Brown Bag Cafe, and then we went for a walk at the dog park with Alpine. She's hilarious......she wouldn't even go near the area where there were ponds, cause she knows that Terence wanted to throw her in......well at least that's happend the last 3 times we've gone there, so I don't blame her for being freaked out. After that we hung out at TAR-JÉ (Target), lost each other in the store a few times, but it was fun. I love that store. I could spend all day in there looking at everything. After that we hung out and played games....blah blah blah....suprise suprise!

Anyways that night Jacki and I were talking about giving talks in church and how her and Terence avoid it at all cost and I was saying how I love to give talks.....I just don't like to prepare them. Well I shoulda kept my mouth shut, because Heavenly Father is all ears, and so someone from the Bishopbric called the very next day to ask Dan & I to speak in sacrament meeting in 2 weeks. Ya and guess what our topic is on? Humility. the next day which was Sunday we decided that we would have a sleepover with everyone (Dan's idea), because when you were younger, you never got to have boy/girl sleepovers and now that we're all married, it's okay, so that was our excuse. Even though TAki live less than 2 miles away, they still came and slept over. They also came over with Alpine (she was SO excited!) and we hung out playing games until midnight and then we went swimming. Funny how much colder it's getting at night. But it did feel really nice that late at night. We stayed there till about 2:30am. What can I say we're all a bunch of water babies.

This morning we got up and the boys made a huge breakfast for us. They even cleaned up after and did all the dishes, which suprised me not only because they did it, but because I let them do it. I think I might be loosening up afterall. (Ya right!) Anyways after that we swimming again. Now I'm pooped and every one is gone and the house is quiet again......well except for Dan's snoring!

Sorry this blog wasn't that exciting except for me pretty much bragging about what a great and fun weekend I had with LeManda and TAki and of course Dan. We always have a blast when we all get together! I hope all your weekends out there were awesome too.

H'okay Pees'out!

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