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Friday, September 2, 2005

TAG!......I'm It!

Okay I've never heard of this before, but I was tagged and now I'm it. Thanks Tricia. SO now I have to write 5 random things about myself in my goes:

1. I too like a very clean house Tricia, however it usually is a very organized mess. The most neglected areas of my house are my bathroom and kitchen. I hate doing dishes and it kills my back when I do, so usually dishes get piled up for a couple of days unless I'm on a clean kitchen streak where my kitchen is spotless from one meal to the other.......but that rarely happens. Luckily for guests the main bathroom is always pretty spotless, however my on-suite is another story. It's the shower I can't stand to clean, cause it means that I have to get down on my knees and scrub and I can't handle that, so I put it off until it gets really bad. However generally I must say our house stays pretty neat and clean. I love it when people come and visit cause it makes me keep it that way, however we used to care when TAki came over, but now they see the real us and we don't even care!

2. I'm in love with clothes & shoes. I have a closet full of clothes and shoes and nowhere to wear them, but church and .......nope that's about it. I used to dress up for work, but now since I don't even do that I just buy clothes cause they're cute and they look good and I intend to wear them and then they just sit in my closet. Probably a 1/3 of my clothes I haven't worn more than twice. About an 1/8th of them I haven't worn at all (some still have the price tag on them) another 1/3 are out of date or out of season and the rest are my casual clothes which is what I wear mostly to go grocery shopping or when I have to wear clothing period. I haven't even gotten to my shoes yet. When we moved from our old apartment to here, I got rid of about 10 pairs of shoes. I still have about 30. Do I wear all of my clothes, about a 1/3 of them I haven't worn more than twice. I have about 4 pairs of boots that I haven't even worn yet. 1/4 of them are so worn or out dated that I probably will never wear again, but then I think I just might. Then I have about 5 pairs that I wear ALL the time, mostly flip flops (3 pair) and my Trainers and Mary Janes (Nicky calls them my "Dorothy" shoes..........don't ask me's not like they're ruby red slippers.......she's weird) Anyways I'm lucky enough to have a husband that understands me and finds it totally normal and ok to go through my clothes and shoes every once in a while and get rid of ones that I will not wear.......he says it'll just be an excuse to buy more. What a great man!

3. My OZO plug: I LOVE OZOMATLI!!! There Ana....are you happy? Ana is my fellow OZO-head and we met up again after a 13 year hiatus of friendship, at an Ozomatli concert. She critized me for not being a true fan when she noticed that on here my music favs had not included any OZO tunes and she was appalled! I explained to her that I downloaded that list from my media player and it was a folder of some of my fav music but not all. In fact Ozomatli had it's own folder of just their music. So you see, I'm still a hard core fan afterall. Anyways they're a great band and the first time I saw them play I fell in love. They're my favorite music to groove to and if you really want to be my friend you'll like them to.

4. PROCRASTINATORMAXIMUS. That is the word to describe my daily life. It's pretty self explanitory but as I sit here typing this thing I'm putting off a lot of work that I must get done before 6pm this evening. Including hemming Terence's pants before we all go to the temple tonight, as well as finishing my dress.

5. I have great friends. How did I get to be so lucky? I wasn't always a people person, but I always longged to be liked by everyone and so that's how I lived my entire life. To be the kind of person that people would like. It became my personality. I'm not saying that everyone does like me (I can be difficult sometime) but I always try to treat people the way I would like to be treated. It was hard for me to come out of my shell, being shy since birth but it's a flaw that I overcame and I'm so glad that I did, because I've been blessed with being so many people's friend and in return I have gained so many great friendships. Some of the friends I've met, I probably will never see again in this life. Some of them I don't see very often. Some are casual friendships, some are social friendships. Some are family, others became like family. Some drifted away and some are very close. But they ALL have stolen a part of my heart and will be with me forever no matter what.

TAG! You're it! Now it's your turn, out there, to write 5 random things about yourself in your blog. Try it! It's fun! But don't be stupid like me and do it before other important things in your life have to get done!

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