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Friday, September 2, 2005

Working The Mariner's Game

Well for those of you who have been reading my blogs will know that yesterday I helped out TAki's family by working at a concession stand at Safeco field. I was so super excited to go do this, simply because of the fact that I love working in customer service and because I really don't have much else better do to. Well you know what? was just as fun as I thought it would be! Actually no, I take that was WAY more fun than I thought it would be!

First off, I love downtown Seattle. I'm not a city person, where I would choose to live in the city, but I'm culturally a city person. I just love going to big cities and Seattle has become one of my favorites (no bias there!) Anyways TAki picked me up yesterday 2 hours earlier than I thought. I was going to go work out at the gym before I had to leave but then the phoned me at 8:45 to let me know that they were wrong on the time and that they would be here at 9:45am instead of 11:45am. So h'enneyways we drove downtown and I must say Safeco field is a pretty cool structure. The NY Yankees were in town and TAki thinks that we were riding behind their buses on the way to the parking garage. Like I really cared though. I'm not a baseball fan and I don't plan on ever being one. I'm a true Canadian and Hockey will always be my spectator sport till the day I die!

Anyways before the stand was actually opened, we were able to "sample the merchandise" so we stocked up on footlong hot dogs and nachos and cheese and all the soda you could drink.......which was against my new self rule of no more soda drinking. But it was free so I had to take advantage of it! As I was eating my hot dog with chili and cheese I thought out loud, "Now I feel like a true American.....I'm eating a hot dog at a baseball game!" Oh the life to look forward to as a Canadian-American!

Anyways the gates were open and then we were open. I got a little flustered the first 2 customers, but luckily Jacki was there to help. Poor STUMPY! She had surgery on her wrist the day before so she was high on Vicodin, but she still managed to work the game.....and was a huge help. She was my runner, while I stayed as cashier. I was doing pretty good I guess. The only thing I sucked at was pouring beer. It took me at least a dozen glasses to get it right, but towards the 4th inning I was a PRO!!! I was honored to poor beer for the missionaries. (ha ha)...

You see Jacki's family runs the concession stand as a Non-Profit Org. for their family's mission fund. None of us get paid, but the company that runs the concession stands pays per head that works the game and it all goes into a fund to support their missionaries. Cool eh?

Anyways even if it was a paid job working for her family I wouldn't have accepted the money, after all that the Lutz's have done for us. Although some people gave me tips. Not much, but one guy gave me $4!! I think it was all the drunks who I poured beer for. Like I care! I made $5.80 that day! That's more money than I've made all year! WOO HOO!!!

Oh ya and the best part of the day was yelling back at the kitchen people, if anyone ordered hot dogs or Italian sausages. If some one wanted a hot dog you yelled back, "FOOTLONG!" and if someone wanted an Italian sausage which comes with grilled onions and peppers you yelled back, "DRESSED ITALIAN!" and if they didn't want it with onions and peppers you yelled back, "NAKED ITALIAN!" That one was my favorite!

Anyways the Mariner's kicked the Yankees butts and the crowd was happy. The day went by super fast! It was definitely my adreneline keeping me going cause as soon as it was over I felt like I'd been run over by a train! Although I still couldn't believe that I went about 6 hours straight. It felt like maybe 2 hrs. Jacki's mom kept saying, "Let me know if you still think it's fun after we're done" and as soon as we were done I said, "sign me up for the last 3 games!" To me it was that much fun!

Well the next game is on the 10th and it's the game that the Yeeshes are coming into town for so we'll all be going I guess. Dan's coming to help this time so it'll be even more fun! He'll have memories of slavin' away at Mc Donald's. He and Terrence can have fun in the back cooking and eating all the footlongs and drinking all the sodas they can. Although this time I'll swear off the soda!

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