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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Random Thoughts

So I was coming back from lunch with Dan.....he "suprised" me by asking me to join him at work for lunch in the cafeteria.......although I suggested it to him yesterday, but we'll still let him think that he "suprised" me by asking me....anyways that's not what's necessarily funny. So I parked the car in the garage and I go to the elevator and push the button to go up and as I stood waiting for the car to come down, I notice the little sign that says "G" for Garage or Ground Floor. Well that's not really what I noticed; I've seen it before, but what I did notice for the first time was the brail that was under it. Then I laughed to myself thinking:

"What blind person would be down in the 'parking garage', by themselves and need to know what floor they're on? Like DUH! It's not like they came in a car! I guess it's there in case a blind person couldn't read the brail on the other marked floors of the elevator and thought they pressed the 3rd floor but then if they ended up in the garage, I suppose they could double check on that brail marked "G" and realize what an idiot they are for going down to the garage."

Okay so maybe it's not funny. I mean, I'm not making fun of the blind here, I'm making fun at the world and all the crazy things that we have to do, to accomadate everyone.

Like for instance in Texas. Did you know that the "white" population down in Texas is about less than 50% to all the other "minority races".....yet all the "other than white races" still consider themselves a minority group. I mean what about those po' white folk? Wouldn't they be the minority now? Hmm......makes you think doesn't it?

Now on to a more serious nature. There's the guess I should say the.......naieve(*cough-dumb) people in this world, who looked at me last night, after I had just finished applying a color tint on all of my roots, and because he could only see the wet color on the front part of my hair asked, "Are you just gonna dye the front of your hair?"

Yes folks, my husband is a YEESH! A very smart, intelligent, super gifted man, but like most men that are "booksmart" -have no concept of anything!

I really don't like making Dan the but of my jokes, but I can't help it! He's just too funny!

Whatever, he knows I love him and this is just a way to show my affection towards him.

Anyways tomorrow's the big day! I think I'm getting less excited about it, because really it's no big deal, but I still am looking forward to just doing something important during my day. Going to the gym and chiropracter appointments just doesn't cut it lately. For those of you who just don't understand my excitement must understand that I don't do anything meaningful during the day. Cleaning the house doesn't count so I must have something else to fill the void of the lonliness that is my daily life. And this game thing is just what I needed to feel important. To feel that I can help somebody. Especially that somebody that's helped us with our Caroline; getting her back on her tires. This is my pleasure; to help this family out in whatver way I can. And I mean.....they just happen to need my forté........customer service! I will strive to be the best cash handler/customer service person they've ever had. Although I'm still not used to the non-colored money down I hope I don't screw it all up by taking some one's five dollar bill and giving them change for a twenty.

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