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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I Can't Wait Til Thurs-DAY! I Can't Wait Til Thurs-DAY!

So TAki's last night was absolutely awesome! Not only because I KICKED some serious HINEY at playing BIG BUCKS, but because of the great dinner Jacki made. We had steak & baked potatoes and not just any steak.......I'm talking about a gorgeous hunk of beef.....I'm talking about a NY Steak! It was absolutely, positively the best home-cooked steak I've ever had! It was DEE-Licious!!! Jacki you're awesome! They seriously spoil us too much! We're not worthy! How did we ever deserve friends like you guys. (*tear)

Hey did you ever think about the church in New York and if people there ever get confused about it. Like for instance what would all the wards in the Stake of NY city be called.......the "New York Stake"....that's right.......and what about the NY Stake people go there to worship with fellow Latter-Day Saints or do they simply go there in hopes for a really good steak dinner. I don't know about you, but it keeps me up for hours at night!

H'ENNYWAYS! We played a couple of games last night. Big Bucks-which is a Canadian game. I kicked butt!! I severely slaughtered everyone and took them for all they had. I AM THE BIG BUCKS CHAMPIONOF THE WORLD!!! We also played Uno and Jacki pretty much stomped on us at that one. We played 5 rounds and she won 3 out of the 5. I won one once and so did Dan too but we just couldn't beat the master of disaster.

H'anyways TAki have been telling us for a while that they "work" Seattle Mariner's games and do concession with her family. Well I didn't quite understand what exactly that was until they explained it more clearly last night. They run a concession stand at Safeco field. I thought they walked around the stadium and sold like, peanuts or popcorn like they do at baseball know.....when the guys with the big trays of that stuff attached to their shoulders yell out in the middle of the game, "Popcorn! Peanuts! Get your fresh hot Peanuts!" Ya well I was wrong! Anyways they mentioned that they have a "day" game to do this Thursday and that they needed some help, so I jumped to the call of duty! I thought to myself, "This is a job for (duh duh duh DA duh-DA) SUZE THE PRICE!!!" So now I'm going to go work at her family's concession stand at a Mariner's game this Thursday and for some nerdy reason I'm SO stoked about it! I'm so excited that I just can't hide it. Call me crazy........actually don't do that-that's cruel........but call me insane.....I just can't wait! I get to run the cash register. I haven't done that since my old days working at the Dirty Queen 13 years ago (Omigosh I'm OLD!) But I loved it! I loved ringing up people's orders and asking if they would like "fries with that?" It was exhilarating and just the mere thought of doing it again, is just pure joy to my heart! If I die after Thursday....I will die a happy woman!

So folks.....stay tuned for more adventures of the SUZEINATOR.
And please do write your comments....whether good or bad. Nicky & Ana are the only one's who've done it. Now those are REAL friends!

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