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Monday, August 29, 2005


Ya so I forgot to mention what happened when my in-laws arrived on Saturday. Dan's father Doug knocked at the door and I let him in and I asked where Diana & Deborah were and he said they were right behind him. I guess he rode up the elevator first. Well it was about 10 minutes later that they walk in our house and they just started laughing. It turns out that they had come into our apartment and said, "Hello? We're here!". Diana was noticing something new in our front hallway and then lookes at the wall and it didn't look the same either and that's when she realized.....she was in the wrong apartment! They had gone to #216 and we're #116.......ya they went up the elevator to the 2nd floor, not the first! All I could say was YEESH!!!!! Luckily nobody heard them and they quickly left and came downstairs. But oh my goodness I had a good laugh at them!

Now on to another subject. Remember when I said before in my blog that when it comes to most issues between Dan & me.....I'm mostly ALWAYS right? Well we proved that this weekend when we rented the movie The Pacifier with ......... Vin Diesel. I can't stand that guy. I've never seen him in a movie, but every time I see a movie trailer with him in it, I notice that the guy CANNOT act! He sucks! So when Dan wanted to rent that movie I was like.....i don't think so.......but since I felt bad that I had already picked a movie that I wanted to see, I let him have that choice. I'm so kind aren't I? Anyways we didn't watch his movie first......we watched mine which was Raising Helen.....very cute....and we both liked it. Well we watched his movie and I could tell from the first 2 seconds that it was gonna suck. Even Dan agreed about 10 minutes into it how cheesy and gay it was. But it was like watching a car didn't want to watch it but you couldn't look away. We both wanted to see how much more lame this movie was going to get and so we finished it. I'll admitt there were a few funny parts to it, but overall......MAJOR CHEESE!!!! and BAD ACTING!!!

There's my two cents about that movie. I'll just stick to my good old favorite kid friendly comedies like -Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen/Big Fat Liar/ Freaky Friday or Daddy Day Care.

Well I'm off to TAki's tonight. Gotta pick up Dan first. You know I'm really proud of my husband for his commitment when we moved to our new apartments to start walking to work. He's stuck to walking almost everyday unless we have appointments and I'm so happy. He's my inspiration for excersising. Mostly because he's about 15 lbs away from weighing as much as I do and I can't let him surpass me like that. But he has managed to shed about 10 lbs in the last couple of months and although I act like I don't wanna hear it because it makes me jealous, I am proud of you Dan. Keep up the good work!

Me-I've just gotten back into a routine of working out, today. It's really hard when we had all these visitors and it sorta hindered my routine that I had before, but this time I'm not gonna put it off. Even if we have visitors I'm still gona go! Anyways I'm really off to TAki's now......looking forward to Jacki's cooking. She's pretty awesome. Don't worry one will ever be as good as you, but since I haven't tasted your cooking in almost a year, this is as good as I'm gonna get right now.

I hope everyone is doing well!!! I love getting feedback on my blog so please feel free to write your comments.


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