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Monday, August 22, 2005

What A Week!

H'okay can I tell about this weekend without making this blog too long. We'll see.

It started out that David, Deena and the girls came for a visit Friday the 12th. Saturday we went to the beach in Edmonds and to Billy McHale's. Beautiful day it was. The part of the beach that we went to was kinda gross. Not only because of the gross amount of seaweed washing ashore, but because of the dirty old men that were sitting at the foot of the stairs, with nothing on but a pair of cut off jean shorts. Can we say EWWW!? The one man was so tanned he looked like he was wearing a brown leather jacket & matching pants underneath his shorts. Plus they were smoking and it totally blew our way and it stunk and they were just gross. The were really gross. But we did get to witness a bridal party getting their pre wedding pictures taken. They were all beautiful. However everytime I see a wedding outside of the temple it makes me kinda sad that they're only being married until "death" parts them. For a minute it made me think of my marriage to Dan and how I'm so grateful that we were married in the temple by the proper authority for all time and eternity.

H'okay so, Monday we all met David downtown and took the Underground Tour of Seattle. Hey all of yous out there who have been to Seattle, but have never done the HAVE to next time. It was SO cool! It was a 90 min tour full of information about how Seattle was built and there's quite a bit of humorous history that goes along with it. At the begining of the tour we sat in a room for about 15 min, while one of the tour guides talked about how it all started and there was this girl sitting behind David & Deena that asked this really annoying question or questions and the guide said to hold all questions till the end of his speech. Then he continued speaking and this girl was talking so loud to her friend that, even though I was sitting in the front row standing 2 feet infront of the guide, I still couldn't hear him cause this girl was talking so loud. I kept glaring at her to let her know how annoying she was being and I guess so did Deena, I found out, but she estill wouldn't shut up! In fact it was difficult to contain my anger that I almost raised my hand and asked the tour guide, " Can you tell 'Question Girl' to shut up so I can hear you talking?"

I wished I did say that, although it wouldn't've been a very nice thing to say. However as the tour led on, everytime we stopped to hear the tour guide talk about something, she'd open her YAP and start YAPPIN' about something really stupid. GOSH she was SO ANNOYING!!! Everytime she'd open her mouth I'd say, "Here we go again!", to David & Deena, but loud enough that others could hear as well. She was THAT annoying!

Anyways the tour was excellent and I'm glad that we went and did it. The next night we had the opportunity to get a babysitter for the girls and to go to the temple with David & Deena and also Jacki & Terance. It was a great evening and we even met up with LeManda. It was cool to see them the night before they would be married. We all went to Outback for dinner after. It's really cool that all of our friends mixed really well with each other. We're just so lucky to have great friends!

The next day was LeManda's wedding and they came over in the morning so that I could do Amanda's hair & makeup. It all turned out great and it was just what she wanted. They seemed pretty calm that they were getting married in the afternon. When we got to their sealing in the temple, the sealer talked for a very long time. The temple sealer usually gives a bit of council to the couple before he marrys them, but this particular sealer went on and on! Even when he had them kneel across the alter he talked for at least another 5-10 min. It's no wonder that what happend next happend. As he was proceeding with the ceremony, I could see Amanda in the mirror. Her eyes were doing something crazy and it looked like she was gonna pass out! I thought that maybe she was getting nervous and was wanting to back out and then I guess that made Lee get nervous cause as soon as the ceremony was over, he fainted! Apparently Amanda was pretty much out of it the whole time and was passing out through the whole thing. I'd never seen anyone pass out at a wedding before. I've heard of either the bride or the groom but never both at the same time! It was a pretty horrifying site, but after everyone was okay, we had a good laugh! They'll never forget that day! Pretty much everyone has a horror story to tell about their wedding day. Mine was that Dan had a blistering sunburn on his face, but hey, we got through it! Anyways now they're married and the day was beautiful. We went to Claim Jumper to eat afterwards. You know I'm kinda getting sick of that place.

Anyways the next stressful thing was getting their slideshow finished before they're reception on Friday. Too make a long story short I was majorly stressing out cause we couldn't get the file formatted for a DVD until Dan fiddled with it for over an hour. But it got done and I heard that everyone loved it. I also had to write a speech and of course I procrastinated. I wrote it in like 2 hours. It was the hardest thing I've done. Lee is one of my bestest friends and I got really emotional even thinking about what I was going to say. But I did hear that it made Lee it was worth it!

Anyways going back to David & Deena. Deena & the girls were supposed to head back home on Wed. but then they were able to extend their stay till Saturday, which was awesome cause we still hadn't really had much time to do all that we wanted. Deena & I spent a lot of time at craft stores looking at yarn, cause Deena taught me how to crochet and we were making scarves. It's a lot of fun and it's a very relaxing activity to do. I've already made two scarves! We spent a lot of time by the pool too. I'm finally getting a summer tan!

Oh ya and I forgot to mention that I threaded David's eyebrows too. That was fun. He's sucha wimp! We tried to threaten to wax his back, but we forgot and time with them ran out. But the next time he comes down.....he's in trouble!

Anyways their visit was great and we had an awesome time with them. It's always fun to hang out with David & Deena and I'm glad we're close to them. I'm glad they were here, but I'm so glad they're gone! We have our house back again! Well......until this Saturday.

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