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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

StOOpid Caroline!

So yesterday as I was driving home from my Doc's in Kirkland, and all of a sudden I hit stupidly heavy traffic in downtown Redmond. Even heavier than normal traffic at around 3pm on a week day. Then to top it all off the stereo just decides to shut off on me. Then I notice my ABS light come on and that's whne I started to panic!

"Caroline", for those who don't know her, is my piece of crap car. She doesn't know that she sucks; I would never call her a piece of crap to her face, but behind her back it's ok. She doesn't know any better. I love her and we've been through a lot together over the 8 years that I've owned her, however she's getting old and I just can't trust her anymore.

So hennyways, I was about 2 miles away from home when I started to know that something bad was gonna happen. I was in major stop and go traffic and then all of a sudden I was losing power to my acceleration. I had to practically floor it in order to get the car to roll. I started to pray real hard to know what to do.........I mean, should I pull into the gas station I just passed? or to the McDonald's?......NO-I felt....just head home.

I was freaking out! Not only because if the car had stalled I would have to walk the rest of the way home, but because I was afraid to stall in the heavy traffic cause I didn't want people to get mad at me for creating an even bigger traffic jam. (BTW the cause of the jam was becasue of a gas leak-I later found out). Plus also the fact that I knew that something was badly going wrong and becasue we finally were able to sell our truck this weekend.....we don't have another vehicle! So then I just kept on driving the car home. As I turned on my left turn signal to turn into our apartment the signal was even acting weird. Luckily I was able to pull into the parking garage and park the car (and yes I parked crooked Dan/Terence & David! don't bug me anymore!). When I tried to restart Caroline...........she was dead. Not even a bit of a heartbeat. She showed a bit of life to her, but to me she was dead. She dissapointed me.....and for the first time in a long while, she saw that dissapointment and I could tell that she was sad.

I came upstairs and I was just so upset, that I called Dan right away. At the same time Jacki saw me on MSN and I later spilled the sad news on to her. You see, her dad is our mechanic. I was so upset because when we sold the truck, we sold it for less than what we owed on it, and we had to dip into whatever savings we had to pay the rest of it off. So we didn't even have to money to even get it fixed right away if we wanted. But Jacki, being the sneaky great friend that she is, was chatting with me and trying to console me, while talking with her dad about our car. Before I could even say anything they'd already made plans to come right over after work and look at the car. What a sweet and special friend she is. Jacki & Terence have been nothing but a blessing in mine and Dan's lives. Her dad Bob is awesome too. That man is going to recieve multi-blessings becasue of how much he's helped us within the last few months. They're all really great and they show the most perfect example of charity-the true love of Christ. Thanks so much you guys!

Now as far as Caroline goes......I want to give her the best life possible. I want her to last forever because she is my baby. She's the first car i've ever owned and she's been really good to me. And I need to publicly appologize to her:

Caroline, I'm sorry. I don't deserve you! You've held up over the years and I've done nothing but complain about you behind your back. I don't even keep you clean! You haven't had a bath in over a year and your insides haven't been vacuumed in a while either and most of the time you're filled with trash and empty water bottles, and I'm so sorry. You've shown nothing but your love for me. Even when you let me down and you had barely any life in ya when I tried to start you up again yesterday....later on you pulled through and you used up all that you had left just so you could show me that you still had spirit when I tried again, when Bob came to see you. It's not your fault you have bad parts. I won't put you down any longer. Bob's with you now and you're in good hands. so just lie back, relax and let Bob make you all better again. I love you Caroline.....I trust you if you'll trust in me!

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