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Tuesday, August 9, 2005

This One's For Dan!

I really don't have much to say today except I told my husband that I'd write something new on here and since nothing exciting really has happend in the last few days I can't really say much.

Okay wait a sec.............I'm going to be pounced on if I don't say what a great weekend I had. LeManda came down for the weekend and we partied! I reserved the theater on Saturday so what we did was we all went swimming in the afternoon and layed in the sun for a bit to burn to a crisp. Well LeManda was looking pretty dark already so I'm sure they didn't burn. I however NEEDED sunscreen, since I haven't pre-tanned in the tanning beds to build up a base tan (like I have for the last 3 years) so that I don't burn during the summertime. So I asked my husband to slather on the stuff on my back so that I don't get burned. Well, let's just say I know exactly just how much sunscreen works now! My poor husband missed a few spots on my back and now I have a few red welts on my back of where he missed! (poor guy! -He felt SO bad!)

H'Anyways after baking in the sun by the pool we went and watched a movie in the theater. I haven't seen WILLOW since I was a kid and I'd only seen it once. I'd forgotten what a good movie that was! Anyways after that our good friends Jacki and Terence (TAki) came over and joined us for a barbeque. I did it.....and it worked! I mixed friends from other sides and it worked! We all had such a good time and TAki really liked LeManda. After the barbeque we jumped in the pool again and had "Husband/Wife" races. Then after we watched another movie in the theater. This time we watched JAWS. Lee & I had never seen it before. I tell ya for being a movie made "pre-CGI" it looked pretty darn real! It was freakin' me out! I'll never swim in an ocean again! I even had nightmares that night.

Anyways after that we all came back to our place and played a DVD game called Shout Out. For you Canadians it's not pronounced "SHOTE OTE" but pronounced the way it looks, "SHAOUT AOUT". Anyways now that we've had our American pronounciation lesson for the day we shall move on. So h'anyways, this game was awesome! We played girls vs. guys and the women kicked butt! The guys didn't even have a chance. Poor little buggahs. They lost the first game and wanted a rematch but in the end we both wagered all our points and noboday won the 2nd game. but the girls still had "Victory" in our minds, which made the boys cry like little babies and then they all ran away. THE END

Anyways we had a lot of fun and I'm really glad that we all had fun together with our good friends from here and our good friends from there.

The next time we see LeManda on the 17th, they'll be sealed together for all time and eternity in the Seattte WA temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Personally I'm just looking forward to going to Claim Jumper afterwards. I LOVE that place!

Plug to Dan: Okay so now that this blog has ended, I would like to dedicate it to my wonderful husband Daniel Price. Words cannot express just how lucky I feel to have found him. He is my best friend that will be with me forever. I love him too much that I just wish there were words to describe it. Maybe i'll just have to make up words like Doug Heffernan. For example: Daniel to me your a "BILGISTIC pile of love meat". (now I will make up my own word) Dan, I love you a GATILLIONIZERAMMA times more than you can possibly imagine.........and that says a lot! You are more caring and considerate than I could've ever dreamed you would be. I always say to him how I'm amazed at how much he puts up with, being me, but he does and he loves me to no end. How grateful I am that he holds the Priesthood of God that he can heal the pains of my heart in times when I need it most; to hear that Heavenly Father loves me and is aware of my anguish. Dan, I know those horrible nightmares of mine would never come true and I'm so thankful for your patience and understanding as I go through with the ups and downs and the emotional rollercoaster of trying to have a baby the pharmacutical way. Thank you for being more than the husband of my wildest dreams. I love you LOVE!

Now it's really THE END..................but just for today.

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