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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Summertime's summer. For once in like 10 years I don't have to work in the summer. And how do I spend my days? Dreaming of the times I spent at Cultas Lake at the McKenzie's cabin: Swimming in the cool crisp water. Lounging around the beach working on my tan. Reading a book or writing in my journal. Hanging out with my Nicka and watching the kiddies play on the beach. Drive out with whomever would go with me for an evening swim after work......usually Lee or Jason. Chillin' with Robbie McKenzie; being harrassed by the park rangers("Cocktail Weenies") and violating all of the By-Laws or eating S'mores by the gas fire pit that violated a By-Law. Being Vice President of the "S'More Club", (S'MORE CLUB!) and thinking up ways to make the S'More Club better and laughing at people who weren't in the S'More Club and who didn't know the secret handshake. Sinking the canoe on purpose with Joe McKenzie while singing, "My Heart Will Go On" really badly and really loud! Late night swims with the whole McKenzie family.............just plain having good old fashioned fun!

It's sad that I can't be there this summer with my family and friends to enjoy the simple pleasures that the Lake brings into my life. Instead I'm stuck here in America, more specifically the King County area of Washington, that although has many big and wonderful lakes.......heck we even practically live across the street from a big one.............but you can't find a beach anywhere normal. At least I haven't found one that's worthy enough of my time. No........I can only sit at home and dream about the days at Cultas Lake. Sure our apartments have a beautiful pool area to lounge in........but what's the fun in that. It's like.....

"yay.......I'm in a pool" fun. Unless of course we have friends visiting, but that's a rare occaision. And it's usualy only LeManda that comes to visit. Yup their our only true friends. Well,......props out to Justin & Tricia whom, despite having kids, have made the effort to see us........and Jason & Mega came once too. case you haven't noticed I'm a little bit sad and depressed that I feel like my summer is going to waste!

"Suck it up Princess!",........ you might say or like,..........

"Quit being sucha baby!"

Well you know what I say?:

"WAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!................It's just not fair!"

"All this is immigration's fault!..........

"It's not my fault that I'm stuck in America! it's not my fault that I can't go to Canada to see my family and friends and really enjoy my summer! It's not my fault that they're so sticky about how I came across the border to live with my husband! I mean GOSH! Give it up already......let me stay! Give me my sanity back!"

Well anyways now that I've gotten all that off my chest..........I think i'll go out. Or maybe I'll go read a book by the pool.

Who am I kidding's back to watching movies on the couch for me!

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