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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Dog Park

So we were pretty suprised today when our friends Terrance & Jacki wanted to hang out with us tonight. I mean, ya they are pretty much our only friends here in Redmond, but we just hung out with them on Monday night, so it shocked us a little, but we LOVE hanging out with them so we said OKAY!

They have a really sweet dog; a Beagle named Alpine and they've been telling us about the Off-leash Dog Park at Marymoor Park, that they take her to all the time. (BTW: MArymoor park is this HUGE park that we live about a 5 minute walk from and it's beautiful) So they suggested that we all go there tonight for a walk and to play with Alpine and see other dogs at the park. For those of you that don't know, Dan and I REALLY want a puppy and we're planning on getting one in September when Dan gets a raise and a bonus, so T & J suggested that we go shopping for a kind of breed at the park and to just have fun.

Anyways we had an awesome time at the park. It was a beautiful warm summer evening and the park was FULL of dogs. I've never seen so many dogs in one place! This dog park was AWESOME! It's 80 acres of doggy paradise. The highlight of the everning was trying to chase after Alpine so that Terrance could throw her in the pond. She's too chicken to get wet I guess. I felt sorry for Alpine but at the same time it was pretty hilarious, but whatever!

Anyways we're just so fortunate and we feel truly blessed to have Jacki and Terrance as friends. I felt a bond with Jacki from the moment I saw her in church and I knew right away that we would be friends. It's one of those......"We probably knew each other in the Pre-Earth life". What I didn't realize was how much we had in common and how much we need each other as friends, not only in the social sense but emotionally as well.

Thanks for being our friends Keenan's!

(B the way, these are just pictures I found on the net of the park. They're not actual photos we took)

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