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Saturday, June 25, 2005

I'm Okay!

So I survived the drama! It wasn't so bad after all! It was actually kind fo cool really. Well the only part I hated was getting the IV put into me. The nurse jabbed me like 5 times on my left hand and then she switched hands and put it in my right hand. Luckily the first try....but it hurt like a MOTHER! Then I had to lie in the stupid little hospital bed for 2 hours to wait for my surgery and that hurt my back like crazy. But the admitting nurse that I had was really nice and was really sweet knowing that I was a little scared it being my first time in surgery 'n all. Oh ya then when I was actually going into surgery it was SO weird. It was just like you see in the movies where they wheel someone into a "sanitary white" room with the lights overhead gleaming into your eyes. Then all I remember was the anesthisiologist (or however you spell that) said he was gonna get ready to put me to sleep and then all of a sudden he put the medicine through my IV and it hurt like a MOTHER....even worse than the IV going in......but then came the cool part. I thought he was gonna make me count down from 10, like I heard everyone tell me what happens, but he didn't. All I felt was the pain in my hand in the IV and then all of a sudden I was waking up. It was SO COOL! Weird though...but WAY cool.

I was SO "out of it", coming out of the anesthesia, but then by the time they discharged me , a couple of hours after, I was feeling pretty good for just having had surgery. Dan was even suprised of how well I was doing. So we came home and I sat on the couch eating popsicles galore and watching Anne of Green Gables. He also bought me this awesome smoothie type drink from Baskin Robbin that was MANGO flavored and it was DE-Licous! I was feeling pretty good. I was even able to talk to my mommy on the phone for a bit. I called my Nicka too but she was asleep. But I tell ya there's definitely no shortage fo popsicles in this house! Dan wne to the store to buy more and they were on sale at Safeway 10 boxes for $10. He also (being the sweetheart that he is).....well because I totally still had an appetite for real food, he researched on the internet of some things that I could eat that wouldn't affect my scabs and so he said that I could have mashed potatoes. He also bought me some other soft foods for variety. So tonight even though I couldn't enjoy the yummy smelling burritos that he was eating, I was still able to have some "smashed topatoes" (cold mind you....but they were absolutely devine!) Tomorrow I'm gonna try Kraperoni & Cheese or Cream of Wheat ("The White" I used to call it when I was little....."The Yellow" was Cornmeal)

Anyways I have to go take some pain medication now and go to sleep. Oh the great prescription drugs that make thing just that much better. Vicodin and Percocet you're my heros!

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