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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Okay, so I'm really tired of the "healing" stage fo this whole tonsillectomy that I've been through. First of all I've run out of my best friend "Percocet" and although I still have the ol' fairweather friend "Vicodin" he unfortunately makes me very ill. So now I'm still in a lot of pain from this operation and I must either suffer with pain, or take pain medication but feel nauseated. The doctor prescribed anit-nausea medicine, but believe me......I would rather suffer the pain than to take THAT medicine. Let's just's not taken orally.

Anyways, so now I sit here in pain, trying to heal quickly, but it's driving me insane that I can't do anything about the pain. I tried taking Tylenol (my mom's cure-it-all medicine) but that didn't do anything. I actually figured out that if I just sleep, I don't notice the pain as much. So that's exactly what I did today. Slept.....a lot. Now I'm wide awake, craving foods that are impossible to eat (potato chips and dip, granola bars, Amburgers & Wootbeer, etc...) Although I was horrible and was craving a grilled cheese I made one! It was the most wonderful and yet horrifying thing to eat ever. Deliciously good as the melted Velveeta touched my tastebuds and the butter dripped into my mouth......and yet excrutiatingly painful as the dry toasted bread scraped through my throat as it went down, not to mention the ooey gooey processed cheese getting stuck......EVERYWHERE! Oh,.... but it was worth it! Just to sample that little piece of heaven was worth having to hork up cheese that got stuck or to have suffered the scraping of whatever throat I have left. I had to do it! No one was able to stop me! I'm tired of the "All you can eat Popsicles, Jell-O, Pudding, Ice-Cream Mashed Potatoes etc..." Tired of it! You here me!? I want real food! I want my throat back! I want my life back!

As far as the "Ewww" should see my scabs.......they're just gross.....they're just really gross!

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