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Thursday, September 24, 2009

What A Nightmare!

In case I haven't mentioned this before, I have reoccurring nightmares. They're not of the scary variety, however they are "stressful dreams" and therefore I refer to them as nightmares. They happen every so often. Usually one or the other. But this time they happened both in one night! Such a freaky occurrence that I had to write about it.

Although the dreams are reoccurring, they are not exactly the same every time. Characters/people & the surroundings may change. The situations are different, but the predicament is the same every time.

Predicament #1:

I'm working at the salon I worked at for 9 years and I'm trying to quit or am in the process of quitting.

Predicament #2:

I'm in Canada and I've forgotten to bring my Green Card to allow me back into the USA

Last night I had 2 separate dreams (ie: they were not one long dream of both predicaments) and the reoccurring nightmares were present. This is very odd to me. It's bizarre that I would have both my reoccurring dreams in the same night. What's even more odd were the characters. Typically they involve only myself in the predicament, but this time it was slightly different.

One of the differences was that I had my girls with me. Both in the salon situation and in being stuck in Canada. In the salon situation my oldest was getting her haircut by one of my old coworkers. Another difference was my boss in the salon. It's typically one of two bosses I had in reality in the salon. But this time there was a new owner and I was dealing with her.

In the "being stuck in Canada" dream, I had not only my girls with me, but Dan as well. This was odd cause typically I'm there by myself and it's not until I'm in Canada that I realized that I'd forgotten my Green Card and need to figure out how to get back into the USA. This time we were all there at the PNE and it wasn't until we were there that we'd not only realized that we didn't have passports for them, but that we didn't have any to begin with and wondered how we got into Canada in the first place. What I said in my dream was that Canada let's anyone in and that's how we got in. (probably true! LOL!)

I'm so fascinated about my dreams, because sometimes they are so vivid that they seem real. In fact in the dream with being stuck in Canada I said out loud to Dan, "This is SO weird, cause I have this nightmare all the time and now it's come true!". This of course wasn't at all reality.

I'm curious to see what others' takes are on my dreams. I've always wanted to go to a psycologist or something to see what they're all about, but then they'd most likely say I'm suppressing some hidden anger or stress due to a horrible childhood. (maybe true lol)

So I'm throwing this out to you all. What do you think? The best answer wins...........nothing. No giveaways or prizes. Maybe an acknowledgement of the best answer. Yeah, sure. I'll give you that.


tonksfam said...

There will be seven years of plenty, followed by seven years of famine. Better start saving up on your food storage! ;)

Suze said...


Sarah said...

It means you owe me money. Canadian money.

Suze said...

Canadian $$. Are you serious? Okay, but the Canadian dollar is worthless

he he......I mean....worth LESS.

(I can say that cause I'm a C'nuck)

Sarah said...

I will also take American money. Or food.

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