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Sunday, April 10, 2011


I've come to realize that I crave change.

I should've known that from the amount of times a month I change my hair, or the amount of time I spend rearranging living room or bedroom furniture. You don't even want to know how much my wardrobe changes......

So often things in life that used to bring me such happiness and pleasure, I feel like burrying in the dirt and never wanting to see it again.

I know there are things in this life I can't change, like the rain in Seattle, or Daylight Savings, or the fact that I will never in my life be a natural blond with blue eyes. But I know that there are so many things that are within my control to change.
I've personally been going through a lot of change recently. Good change, but hard change. Our family has changed. Our family life has changed. Dan's priorities have changed. My priorities have changed. My sanity has changed.....and so on and so on.
One thing I've been wanting to change is this blog.
It started out as me, then I changed it into something that I'm just not; something I did to please other people. So it's time to take control and change it back.

I'll be going through some blog rennovations here soon and hopefully it doesn't upset anyone. But hopefully the right people will continue to read it.


Chesney said...

ill keep reading no matter how you change it!!!!!!

maymay said...

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