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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2nd Place?........ Feels Like 1st!

This last weekend I went to Spokane with my fellow AJoy'ers to compete in our region. There were chorus's from all over Washington, Alaska, as well as northern Idaho. It was an absolute blast & I gained a lot of valuble knowledge as well.

This is the mass sing we did before the Quartet Competitions on Friday night.

Competition isn't easy for me though, cause I get very intimidated when I know people are judging me.

These were all of the new members competing this year, including ME!

So I was a bunch of nerves despite the calming herbs I took, the days previous.

Here's us about to take the stage

At the end of our performance I set myself up for severe disappointment on how we did. Not only did I feel I let my chorus down, with my personal performance, but I also felt a complete let down, cause I KNOW we've sounded better in past performances.

As I sat down in the audience after we got off stage, I had a discussion with a fellow AJoy'er and she and I both felt the same. So when it came time to announce the awards, believe me I was surprised when they announced the winner of the most improved (since last year) chorus, was none other than, US!

Woo hoo! I was more than overjoyed! I was so proud of us. We improved by 44 points from last year, which is a huge jump. Last year the chorus got most improved as well and it's seriously unheard of in Sweet Adelines for a chorus to improve as quickly as we have. So that was a HUGE accomplishment.

Then in our division (Division AA or mid-sized chorus) we took 2nd place! (last year they were 1st in Division A or small chorus) And then as a final medal we took 2nd place overall (last year they took 4th place overall). Can we say AWESOME!!!

I was jumping for joy! I tell ya, that even though we took 2nd, it totally feels like 1st to me!

Here's us wearing our medals and preparing to sing at the Show Of Champions, Saturday night.

Congratulations to my fellow chorus members. Thank you so much for treating me like your own from day one and for allowing me to have an absolute blast everytime we get together. I'm so happy I found a group of ladies I'm proud to call my sisters. I love you all!!!

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