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Friday, May 21, 2010

Terror In The Treehouse

Operator: 911. What's your emergency?

Me: daughter climbed up our tree house and is afraid to come down.

Op: Ma'am is she okay? Is she hurt? Is she breathing?

Me: Yes, she's fine but she's just afraid to come down.

Op: And you let her climb up ma'am?

Me: Yes. She's been afraid to climb it before, but she asked if she could climb it today and I said sure.

Op: So you let your daughter climb up and now she won't come down? Is that the situation ma'am?

Me: Yes. She was so darn determined to climb up and after about 10 minutes of crying and whining about it, she finally did it. Once she got up there though she got really scared and refused to come down the ladder. She's freaking out.

Op: "Freaking out" ma'am? Can you describe the "freaking out"?

Me: Well she's scared......and she's choked up on her tears. She wants my help, but I can't get to her. Can you help her?

Op: Well ma'am, what would you like us to do about it?

Me: Pardon me?

Op: Ma'am you let her climb up there. Now it's time to help her down.

Me: But I'm afraid of heights. I'm not going up there!

Op: Okay ma'am calm down. Just calm down.

Me: My daughter's up a tree house and I have no idea how to get her down and your telling me to calm down!

Op: Ma'am don't raise your voice at me. I'm trying to help you.

Me: Okay, okay. I'm sorry. What should I do?....oh wait, my cat is going up there to help her.

Op: Your cat ma'am?

Me: Yeah, one of our kittens is climbing up to help her. Good girl Raja! Go help Desiree! Good kitty!

Op: Ma'am are you still there?

Me: Yeah I'm here. One of my cats is up there now with my daughter. But she still won't come down.

Op: Ma'am did you think your cat was going to help her down?

Me: Uh.....maybe?

Op: What's a cat supposed to do ma'am? Carry her on her back. Perhaps grab her neck in her mouth?

Me: Your right. I'm stupid to think a cat would help her down.

Op: Ma'am don't put words in my mouth. I didn't call you stupid.

Me: I'm sorry. I'm just worried about her. She's still freaking out. - Oh wait. The other cat is climbing up there now. Good girl Jasmine! Go help Desiree!

Op: Ma'am what are 2 cats supposed to do? Carry her down around their shoulders? They don't have oposable thumbs ma'am!

Me: You're right, I know.

Op: No oposable thumbs!

Me: I know! I know! I'm stupid!

Op: Darn rights you are ma'am!

Me: Oh great! The second cat can't even figure out how to climb up the treehouse. Now she's stuck up the tree!

Op: You have a cat stuck up a tree ma'am?

Me: Yes!

Op: Well that I can help you with. We'll dispatch a rescue team to your tree house right away.

Me: But what about my daughter!?

Op: Is your daughter still up the tree house?

Me: YES!!!

Op: Well did you call your home teachers?

Me: .............Um.......not yet.

Op: Well don't you think you should've thought about them first, before you called us ma'am?

Me: Gosh I'm sorry. I didn't think about it.

Op: That's okay ma'am. I dispatch your home teacher up the street from you instead of our rescue team.

Me: Thank you! Thank you SO much!

Op: Is your daughter still okay ma'am.

Me: Well, she's still freaking out, but she's breathing.

Op: Did you offer her any form of comfort ma'am?

Me: Let me try that......Desiree, would you like me to sing you a song?....................She said yes.

Op: Okay ma'am. Ask her which one.

Me: Okay.......Desiree? Which one?........She said, "Just Let Me Cry".

Op: Is that the song by Hilary Weeks ma'am?

Me: Yeah that one. It's one of her favorites.

Op: Okay go ahead ma'am.

Me: Oh gosh I can't sing that song! I'm about to cry just thinking about it.

Op: Look ma'am, just sing the song as best you can, alright? Your daughter needs comfort right now and singing that song is the best thing you can do until help arrives, okay?

Me: Okay, I'll give it a shot.........."Just let me cry......I's see."........That's all I could get out. I'm all choked up.

Op: Good job ma'am. You did you best considering the situation. I'm proud of you.

Me: Thank you............Oh! My home teacher's son just got here.

Op: Okay ma'am I'm going to stay on the line until I know everyone's okay.

Me: Alright thank you.........Desiree go with Chris........Okay she's safe on the ground.

Op: Well that's good ma'am. How are the cats?

Me: Chris is getting them down now..........Okay Jasmine's down. Raja is stuck in the treehouse and refuses to come down with Chris..........okay he's got her!

Op: I'm glad everyone's safe now ma'am.

Me: Me too. Thank you soo much!

Op: You're welcome ma'am. Now there's a few of things I'm going to suggest, before we disconnect ma'am.

Me: Okay. What's that?

Op: The first one is give your daughter a BIG snuggle. The second is make sure you make Chris a big batch of Chocolate Chip cookies as a thank you. And last but not least ma'am......don't let your kids climb up the treehouse for a long time. Can you do those things ma'am?

Me: Oh don't worry, THOSE are already on my mind......Thanks again!

Op: No problem. You have a nice day.

Me: Thank you. You too.

Op: I will. Bye bye.

Me: Bye.

This is our treehouse

Okay so you've probably figured out that it wasn't a real call to 911, but that was a very real situation that happend yesterday. This conversation was pretty much the internal conversation I was having with myself as Desiree was distraught with severe fear of coming back down the treehouse ladder.

I swear that girl's first name should've been "Determination", cause when she's determined to do something, she'll do it at all cost. For ten minutes she fought with herself to climb up to the treehouse and even though I told her to just come down (she was SO full of drama the whole time, with the tears and bemoaning that she couldn't do it). But she was determined to climb that treehouse yesterday and with tear filled stubborness she did!

Coming down.......was another story.

I hope this made your day as much as I had fun writing it.


Sarah said...

Wow, that's a sweet treehouse! I want to climb up it too! Will you sing to me if I don't come down?


Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

Ha ha ha!~

Mimi said...

I love how life challenges turn into the best blog posts!

I'm stopping by to welcome you to SITS!

Suze said...

Thanks Mimi!

It's so true....they turn into what I refer to as, "blog-worthy".

Oh and......NO Sarah!

Jonathan and Cheri said...

You're funny! Glad it ended well =) You were A-MAZING today singing - wow girl!! =) Keaton said 'why doesn't Susan go on American Idol?' Isn't that the nicest compliment? Or at least just coming from a teenage boy? hehe Thanks for sharing your beautiful voice and talent =)

Debbi said...

hah. too cute, Suze. Sad that we actually HAVE those inner conversations in our heads.. but more sad that they usually only take about 2 seconds, where, typing them out takes WAY longer! ;)

Suze said...

HA HA! SO true Debbi!

Suze said...

Oh and Cheri, thanks for the comment. Tell Keaton he's my new favorite person ;)

American Idol....he he...darn it...I'm too old! :P

tonksfam said...

Oh, my, that was HILARIOUS!

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