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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tim Hawkins Day

You've never heard of Tim Hawkins?

You're crazy!

That's okay. I was too.

Until about a month ago....

My hubby sent me a link to a video and I watched it and thought it was SOOO funny!

I literally LOL! (That means I "laughed out loud")

I showed it to my friend Leighann and that same day she found out that he was performing here that same month!

Good clean comedy?

I was like, HECK YEAH!

So we planned a double date with our hubbys.

My hubby's been sick the last 2 weeks and by yesterday afternoon he was still feeling the ill. So at the last minute I found myself another date (a hot Canadian chick, who has great hair! No bias there AT ALL!) and planned a girls night out.

First we hit Ming's Garden Chinese restaurant, where we had dinner. OMGOSH I've never craved Chinese food since I left Canada and this place has me craving it everyday! Seriously the best Chinese Cuisine in town.

Anyways we then headed to Fall City for the show. I was SOOO superly duper excited to see Tim LIVE. More excited than any rock show. ALMOST more excited than I get when I see Ozomatli live.

His show was at a church in Fall City. It was a little odd being at a church for professional entertainment. I'm not used to it at all. The stage had a drum kit and the lighting was that of a rock show, but it was cool nonetheless. The seating was so comfy too. I was like, "Man! Why can't we have these seats in OUR church!"

Jason Earles (No, not Jackson from Hannah Montana) opened up for Tim and he was pretty funny himself. But as soon as Tim came on stage I was like, "Woo hoo!!!!"

Anyways the show was beyond awesome. I laughed so hard I almost peed. I was wheezing pretty badly at one point, cause I was laughing so hard. He's just so incredibly funny and amazingly talented. I'd see him again in a heartbeat. In the meantime I just stalk YouTube for clips of his performances. This is one of my favs:

Most definitely check him out if he's coming to a town near you. I've even linked to his calendar, for you lazy people.


tonksfam said...

I LOVE Tim Hawkins! I was introduced to him by the Pioneer Woman who referred to his Homeschool song. It was one of those "hey, wait. We have so much in common with homeschoolers that we really should do it." Good stuff!

Leighann said...

AGREED!! I am so glad we all got to go.

Jane said...

Of course I remember you! I'm glad you blog stalked me because it's always fun for me to reconnect with people I haven't seen in a long time. Plus, now I have another blog to read! Woot woot! I'm kind of addicted.

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