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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

N2O~You're Aware, But You Don't Care!

I hate the dentist. Not sure if you know that about me already. I've written about it before. I've had too many encounters in my life with those dental demons and the mere thought of it, seriously makes me want to pour salt in my eyes to shift the horror of it all to another trigger point of my brain. I've had nothing but bad experiences at any dentist office.

*Really it's not you......It's me.

No seriously. It's all me. I'm a drama QUEEN, remember?

Well all my life I've gone to the dentist, like a good little girl, to get my teeth cleaned. I've always been a good brusher. No wait......a GREAT brusher. But still......I get cavities. Even when I KNEW my brothers never brushed their teeth and I ALWAYS did; we'd go to the dentist and they'd walk out with a perfect smile and I'd get told that I had 11 cavities!

*Yes it's true. I once had 11 cavities at one time.

It drove me insane that I was doing all that I could to keep my teeth nice and cavity free and here I was, totally getting shafted for a job well done.

*Confession: I'm not a good flosser. Okay I'm not a flosser at all. I hate doing it, so I just don't.

Pretty much I sucked at flossing and so my teeth would get those tiny little cavities in between the teeth.

But besides that, I've been scarred for life about the dentist, cause of all the times I've had my mouth numbed and not only being jabbed by a needle the size of Nicaragua, but the fact that after they did it, I STILL would feel stuff. So they'd bring out the needle AGAIN, and proceed to numb my mouth and then they'd get to work and would I be numb? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Yeah, not a chance.

So everytime I go to a new dentist and say I'm hard to numb and they're like, "okay Susan, whatever"........I obviously prove them wrong.

Anyways so when I went to my latest dentist office, when we moved to Monroe, I immediately told them that I hate them and I get very anxious when I get my mouth worked on. So they made sure that I was very comfortable. That's when they told me about nitrous oxide.

*Wait a sec.....isn't that laughing gas?

Well I knew about the option of N2O for dental work, but have never tried it myself. I thought, there's no way that it would work on me. There's simply no hope!

It wasn't until my oldest daughter when to the dentist to get her teeth cleaned and checked and ended up needing a cavity filled. I was apprehensive of taking her to the dentist, cause of a past experience and she did really well for her cleaning. But getting your cavities taken care of is a different story. When they offered her N2O, I was like, oh ya!

It was funny to watch her under nitrous. She had not a care in the world. She only winced a bit when they poked her with a needle to numb her up, but after that, it was like she was in La La Land.

Well I was convinced that this would do the trick for me. So when I had to go back after my cleaning to get a cavity filled, I ordered the nitrous.

I was like, Is this seriously legal?!?!

I was in complete bliss. I would never have any work done nitrousless again.

Then my nightmare with the Endodontist happend.

Well anyways, I was bound to never go nitrousless again. When I heard that I could get N2O for cleanings? OMGOSH! Never again will I have to suffer!

Yipee! Horray! Yay for Nitrous!

You wanna poke me with a needle? Go right ahead, I don't care!
What's this? You're drilling my tooth with a super loud, annoying tool? Keep going, cause I don't care!

Seriously there has never been a greater invention. If I could pipe this stuff through my house, I know I would be a better wife and mother. NO DOUBT!

Oh and BTW I know why they call it laughing seriously feel so careless that everything to you becomes funny. I had to contain myself so many times, cause I knew that the hygenist was working on my teeth. Otherwise I would've been laughing up a storm.

At one point she saw how relaxed I was and she's like, "You like the nitrous don't you?"

I smiled and had to have every inch of my body control my laughter, cause I LOVE NITROUS.

Of course everytime I was "under the influence" I kept thinking, this would make a good blog post.

It's taken me a while to post this, but I figured, better late than never!

Now instead of dreading the dentist, I can't wait to go get my next nitrous fix. February 17th couldn't come any faster!

1 comment:

NaDell said...

I completely agree! I used to have laughing gas as a kid in the eighties getting all sorts of cavities filled (I had/have awful teeth) and loved it. I remember feeling like I was asleep (and I might have been) thinking I was sliding off the chair and watching myself from the end of the chair. Weird crazy dreams.
I do love the feeling of clean teeth and enjoy going to the dentist even though our dentist now doesn't use that.
February isn't very far away!
I think I should have videoed myself with it. It might have been funny.

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