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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween! 2009 Style

Ask me what my favorite time of year is and I will almost always say Christmas (sometimes, it's Thanksgiving). But I always forget about, (until it comes around) my ABSOLUTE favorite time of year.......HALLOWE'EN!!!

This year was an added bonus, cause I got to get dressed up twice. Once for the girls Primary Party and then again when we went Trick or Treating at Dan's work. Last year, if you recall, I was The Fairy Goth Mother. Well this year, (since I wasn't creative enough and just didn't think about it till last minute), I decided to just dress Goth. It was total last minute and I didn't even have time to pull much together, but any chance I get to relive my teen years as a "freak" (as some of the "cool kids" used to call me......believe it or not it was a term of endearment) I jump at the occasion. Too bad the only time it's acceptable is Halloween. No one took a picture of me, so I had to do the infamous "self portrait". (Although the photos don't do my costume justice, cause my makeup & hair was more than awesome.....and for some reason my lips don't look as dark as they were)

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