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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This post is better late than never!
What to be? What to be? This is ALWAYS my struggle come Halloween. I know what I WANT to be, but with the move and everything it wasn't going to happen this year. (This is a costume in the making for the last 3 years now; that I've wanted to be this "person"...but it wasn't going to happen yet again! I HATE moving around this time of year!)

So anyways this was my self questioning Halloween morn', as I stood in my closet thinking of an original costume to stir up. Well, it's not like I was going anywhere spectacular! I was only going to take the girls Trick-or-Treating at Dan's work. It's not like I was going to go to a party afterwards or more Trick-or-Treating later on. But I MUST dress up for Halloween and I MUST have the best costume EVER! Muwhahahahahahahahaha!

Anyways back to my closet....

It seriously took me about 10 minutes to figure out what to be. Should I go as a Gypsy like I planned? Or how about the same costume as a couple of years ago when I went as "What Not To Wear"?

NO! I want something original dang it!

Then that's when a light bulb went off in my head and I laughed out loud to myself at the brilliance of my originality.

"I'm awesome", I said to myself. (Yes I often talk out loud to myself.....isn't that normal?)

So I grabbed all that I could to make this costume the best that it could be. I didn't have too much, but I stopped at the Party Store to get the rest of what I needed to make this costume more authentic. Then it was off to hang out at one of my best friend's house in Redmond and decorate cookies with our kidlets and get ready together.

Kate's going to hate this picture, but whatever, it's the only one I have of her in action that day. She made Sugar cookies, from scratch, and they were delicious!

Kate and I had the hardest time with fake lashes! She went as a Rag Doll.....which her costume was so cute and I never got a picture of it, but I stole this one from her blog. Mine were kind of a waste of time cause it didn't look like I was wearing lashes after all. (You're just dying to know what I went as aren't you? lol) But we had fun laughing at each other.

Anyways after I was done my makeup I got the "AWESOME" approval from Kate that I did a pretty authentic job on the face makeup. Also my youngest kept saying, "Mommy you look PEETY!"

After borrowing a few props from Kate, we separated our ways and went to our husband's office's (hers works for M$ as well) to take our kids Trick-or-Treating.

I got to Dan's work and I was just DYING to see him, cause as far as he was concerned, I was going as a Gypsy. HA HA HA......well he walked down to the lobby to meet us and to his MUCH surprise saw me dressed up very differently. He said he didn't even recognize me. (SWEET!)

Ready to see what I was?

Oh the suspense is just killing you isn't it?

Or is it really annoying the heck out of you?

You already scrolled down to see the picture didn't you?

Or if you haven't just did now?

Oh that I've built up suspense it's not as exciting anymore.

Well anyways I went as:

The Fairy GOTH-Mother

Can you believe my daughter said I looked pretty?


.....pretty UGLY!

Trust me, I'll never go Goth for reals.....although it was fun for one day.

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