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Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Day Couldn't Get More Exciting....Or Could It?

So yesterday afternoon I was on the phone with my girlfriend and all of a sudden I hear a shriek that would burn a hole in your heart if it was your 3 year old. At first I thought her sister hit her.....a common occurrence...... then I realized she saw something in the kitchen and I thought maybe it was a spider.....another common occurrence. Then in her mumbled 3 year old language I got out, "There's a dog in my backyard!"

I was like.....okay whatever, she's on crack.

Then I went out to my kitchen to see out my patio door a very ferocious boxer. Okay so it wasn't ferocious and it's not like it was barking or anything, but it totally freaked me out. I mean, our yard is FULLY FENCED and unless he broke through the fence from the neighbors yard (they have a boxer) then he must've jumped the fence which is like 7 or 8 ft high!

*Side note: Our neighbors' Boxer has been trying to break through the fence in 2 different places and the one part it could've gotten through I can't see from my window.

Well I concluded that it wasn't our neighbors, only cause I could see the neighbors Boxer through the large hole in the fence.
Crap! So where'd the heck did this dog come from?

So I got off the phone with my girlfriend and I looked up the number for Animal Control. Couldn't find one for Monroe, so I called the one for Everett.

Well if ya ever need the Animal Control, they're there for you 24 hours a a voice mail. First of all I had to take about 50 different steps just to get to this answering service. Including "File a complaint online....blah blah blah".....I'm like YEAH RIGHT! This is a freakin' EMERGENCY!

So what does one person do in an emergency situation?

Call 911.

They sent an officer to my house within 10 minutes. She was awesome. Gave the girls stickers and took care of our "dog problem".

Just before that though, I called Dan to tell him what was going on (while the girls were playing with the dog through the window) and I asked him how many Boxers the neighbors had, since he'd gone over there a few weeks ago to complain about the fence. He told me two.

*The "A-ha" moment.....

Oh! So it must be the neighbors dog!

Anyways I showed the officer where he might've come through the fence and told her that it's "most likely" their dog. She knocked on their door and no one was home so she took the dog away.

Man our neighbors are going to be ticked! Oh well. I hate their stOOpid dogs anyways. Although it's practically Desiree's best friend. When she goes out there to play she pretty much thinks it's her dog. She talks to it and shows them her new clothes. And if it's not out there, she hollers, "Puuuuppy! Where ARE you? Puuuuppy!" so loud, I swear the whole neighborhood can hear her.

Anyways I'll keep you updated on the situation....


Okay so last night we go over to the neighbors house to talk about the situation. I felt really badly, cause apparently the officer took the dog up to the Animal Control in Everett. But I'm glad we went over to talk to them, cause our neighbor thought that the dog dug under their fence and was roaming the street and that's how the cops picked it up. (*He got a note on his door). In the meantime their other dog was still over there and we talked about the fence situation and what to do about it, cause the fence you could practically lift up; they'd damaged it so much.

That brings us to this morning.....

Dan came downstairs to find this in the backyard.....again.

Except this is their OTHER dog!

So obviously this is going to become a nuisance especially since we called our neighbor at work to tell him about it. I just hope they don't hold it against us!


Sarah said...

Hahaha!!! I was thinking at the beginning, "And you didn't get a picture of the dog???"

Leighann and Jamie said...

WOW!...I would have done the same thing. Makes for a sticky situation with neighbors but, aren't they the ones that created it?

tonksfam said...

Ever seen Curious George?

"I'm sorry, we just closed, but I can leave a message."

"But what am I supposed to do with this monkey?!"

"*Ever so sweetly* I'm sure I don't know! Thank you for calling Animal Control."

It seems they weren't exaggerating, eh?

Kate said...

Being a dog lover I'm sad for the dogs that they are so neglicted... That being said, I've had to replace a fence that my dog CHEWED though...Middle of the fence...Long story... Cute dog though. You could sell him and put the money in the girls college fund.....

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