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Friday, September 25, 2009

Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time

So the whole leg injury ordeal has made me appreciate the service of others a lot more. As much as it ached me to be the giver than the reciever, I always said when I healed up that I would be right there to help all those who helped me.

There's a lady in my ward who recently had surgery. She is a Kindred Spirit. Not only is she fabulous, but she is CANADIAN! Like HELL-LO! She's awesome. Anyways this lady was a HUGE help in my time of need. She not only brought us dinner, but she came and helped out with the girls. Even when she was called at the last minute to help out, she was there. Now at her time of need I am MORE than grateful to help her family out, because she was exceptionally helpful to me.

I write this post as I'm baking cookies and making dinner for her family.

I could not have been able to do this a week ago.

My leg is progressing. I'm still on the Wound VAC and my wound is infected again. But I'm on the road to recovery. PHEW!

Anyways I couldn't have felt better in time when my friend needed my help. I'm not the ONLY one helping mind you.....and this post IS NOT to toot my own horn to say, "look at me I'm doing service!"......are you kidding me? I am just NOT that kind of person (at least I HOPE I'm not!).However I wanted to write that I feel great today. It wasn't the start of the greatest of days, but my Visiting Teachers came over early this afternoon (I love it when they come!) and being able to serve another has given me a renewed bout of energy. Who knows how long it will last. But the greatest part of it is that I CAN do it.

Gotta cookies are done!


Sarah said...

When I broke my foot, I realized quickly all the things I didn't do for people and what the probably needed and didn't receive. After 4 months on crutches and at least another month learning to walk normal again, I was so eager to help people, so I know what you mean.

I can't believe your wound is infected again! I never realized how stubborn they can be. I'll keep praying for you. :)

Doreen said...

AMEN, sister. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. Being able to stand up and do something when you have been the recipient of so much service--IT FEELS WONDERFUL! even if it is a tray of cookies.
I'm so glad you are feeling good enough to do that. There is always a light--we just have to look for it.
Love ya,

Ryan and Amanda said...

Receiving service is great. But giving service really is wonderful! Isn't it lovely that you can give back to the person who helped you so much! Thanks for a great post, Susan!

Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

That's wonderful. I injured my knee running earlier this year and it was so frustrating to me to be tied down and unable to move easily. It does feel good to get out and serve.

PS-Bring me some cookies! :)

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