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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sir we revoked your license 3 years ago. Excuse me!!!

I'm standing in line at the DVM and I just heard the last thing I expected to hear " Sir we revoked your license 3 years ago". Lets fast-forward back several hours and see how we ended up here.

Every once in a while I open up my wallet just to make sure everything is in there I suppose I'm somewhat neurotic about it. Well sitting at work I realize my driver's license isn't in there. This might not be unusual for some people in fact I know Susan sometimes just carries her with her, but for me it's in my wallet unless I'm doing something directly with it. So then I think back to the last time I saw it and it was the day before at BECU getting our lease notarized. So after work I head to BECU to see if they found it, but no luck. I consider looking for it at home but since we are moving in a few days almost everything we own is in boxes so there isn't much chance of finding it without opening every box. I suppose at any other time I would just wait and hope it turns up but did I mention we are moving and in order to rent the U-Haul truck I need my driver's license.

So it's off to Kirkland to the nearest DMV with the girls in tow. Did I mention how much I hate the DMV you walk in get a number your number is 515 and you look up and it's now serving 23. So we spend 45 minutes handing out the DMV with the girls climbing on and swinging from anything and everything. Finally it's my turn and I get up the window and present my password (see I was even smart enough to bring valid identification) and say I lost my license and need to get it replaced.

Now fast forward to now or rather then. I'm told that my license was revoked because I got a drivers license in British Columbia, Canada. I'm like yes I know in June of 2004 I moved to Canada and got a BC drivers license and then in Nov of 2004 I moved back to Washington and got a WA license. He said yes but then in Jun 2005 you went back to Canada and got another BC license and we revoked yours here. This is followed by a few no I didn't, yes you did. Finally he gets on the phone to call the BC licensing agency and confirms that they did issue me a new license in Jun 2005. So we finally get it sorted out and he tells me the BC license is going to be canceled and then says "Just so you know it's no longer going to be valid so you can't use it" Again I'm like duh "I DON'T HAVE IT". So while I'm waiting for him to process my new license I'm thinking since Jun 05 Susan and I have moved 3 times at least and each time I sent in the little letter saying that my address has changed. If my license was invalid why didn't they write back and tell me. Then all the times since then I have gotten car insurance you think when they did an accident check it would say LICENSE REVOKED or something similar that would raise a red flag, but no, no problems.

So I guess I'm a little scared about going to Canada anytime soon. Since it seems there is someone who got himself a drivers license issued in my name and could have done who knows what for all I know when I cross the border and they run my name and birth date a bunch of warrants will pop up. Good thing we don't have any trips planned anytime soon.


Candice said...

Wow! I can't believe you went to the DMV with your girls. Scott had to take Lily to the DMV (the wait was over 2 hours) . . . Lily didn't last that long so he had to leave without renewing his license.

p.s. I look forward to this story's sequel when you do go back to Canada.

tonksfam said...

AUGH! Annoying paperwork mumbo-jumbo! Did I tell you that it took me 8 months after getting married to legally change my name?! My birthday, I guess, has been wrong on the SS records since I was issued a number when I was 6! And yet federal grants, loans, taxes, etc all came through just fine. It only got flagged once Sep 11 happened and security really buckled down.

Oh, and some agencies still think my middle initial is "X" thanks to my mom crossing out the box when I was in high school because I had no middle name...To correct it you have to send in a form with the correct information...what do you do if the correct information is BLANK?!

In short, I feel your pain ;)

*Danette said...

Did I miss the post about you guys moving!?! Where are going?

Sarah said...

That stinks! The last time I went to the DMV was on my birthday last year. That's right. I'm a procrastinator and decided to torture myself on my birthday (while pregnant).

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